Trump Offers Mexico US$20 Million to Stop Migrant Caravan

Featured Trump Offers Mexico US$20 Million to Stop Migrant Caravan

Mexico refused Trump's offer, but sent anti-riot police to repress the caravan anyway.

After Mexican authorities used public force to stop the migrant caravan from entering Mexico from the Guatemalan border, Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Alfonso Navarrete revealed that US President Donald Trump offered them US$20 million to stop undocumented migration.

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In interview with Radio Formula, Navarrete said Mexico’s relationship with Trump’s government has been harsh “because they’re demanding things that the country, of course, won’t accept … like stopping the migrant caravans and carry out massive deportations.”

“We were offered US$20 million to stop the migrant caravan because their arrival would be on the same dates as the day of the elections in the US. We’re not a wall for immigrants,” declared Navarrete in reference to the November 6 mid-term elections.

The secretary said Trump offered money from ‘private funds,’ not public, but the Mexican government clearly said it won’t accept “a cent of a dollar” for that purpose and won’t fall for their “dirty game.”

He also explained the government is doing efforts to incorporate immigrants to regularization programs and safeguard them from possible dangers during their journey through Mexico.

“We have delivered 80 thousand registry numbers to illegal immigrants, but limiting their stay in the country,” he said.

Even though images of security officers beating up immigrants trying to cross the border made the news worldwide, Navarrete said they were given the order to never harm them and carry out only defense actions.

Trump’s government suggested a similar offering to Mexico in exchange for deporting 17 thousand undocumented immigrants as part of an effort to “address the crisis in our southern border,” according to Katie Waldman, national security spokeswoman.

But the Mexican government didn’t accept the money to be Trump’s wall against immigrants anyway. After security forces violently prevented hundreds of immigrants from the Honduran caravan to enter the country, President Donald Trump praised Mexico’s actions and said its southern neighbor had acted in such a way because they “respect US leadership.”

“And I want to thank Mexico! Mexico has been so incredible! And the leaders of Mexico! You know why? Because now Mexico respects the leadership of the United States!” said Trump.

The US is trying to establish Mexico as a ‘safe third country,’ a filter that would be in charge of handling asylum petitions for Central American immigrants. Doing so would retain a considerable number of them, possibly fostering the appearance of refugee camps at its borders.

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