Mexico City waits for about 5,000 Migrants

Featured Mexico City waits for about 5,000 Migrants

Mexico, Nov 5 (Prensa Latina) Mexico City (CDMX) hopes to provide shelter to about 5,000 Central American migrants who are now moving from the south of the country, and of whom several hundred have already arrived in this capital, which suffers water shortage.

The president of CDMX, Nashieli Ramirez Hernandez, reported that all will be sheltered in the stadium 'Jesus Martinez Palillo', in the Magdalena Mixhuca, in the Iztacalco city hall.

Ramirez pointed out that there are already hundred caravan members, 30 percent of whom are women, but there are also many minors.

It is estimated that the last part of this caravan will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, the first of four that have entered the country.

He said that the five thousand caravanners that are expected to be housed in the sports facility will have about 500 assistants to ensure their food, health and shelter.

Ramirez acknowledged that he does not know how long they will remain in the capital, but the authorities have prepared themselves in case they stay 'at least a week.

People Without Borders, an organization that accompanies the caravan, announced that at CDMX the caravan members will have seminars so that they are prepared for when they reach the border with the United States and defend their rights before the immigration officials of the northern country, whose president, Donald Trump, ordered the deployment of military personnel in the area.

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