Obama Heckled During Immigration Speech

Featured Obama Heckled During Immigration Speech
Obama was told: "We need relief now!" by an activist during his speech at Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute gala.

After a fraught year trying to deal with the United States' palpable immigration problem, during which hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants have come to the country from Central America, President Obama's speech to the Hispanic Caucus Thursday was met with mixed responses.

During his speech, undocumented activist Blanca Hernandez interrupted him, shouting that he should stop deportations.

Hernandez interrupted the Head of State twice, yelling, "We need relief now!" before security stepped in, escorting her out.

Obama had formerly promised that, with or without Congress, he would take action on the country's broken immigration laws when government returned after its Summer break, but later flip-flopped in a move that was seen to be calculated in order not to lose votes in the November mid-term elections.

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