Brazil ruling coalition keeps congressional majority

Featured Brazil ruling coalition keeps congressional majority

Rio de Janeiro, Oct 6 (EFE).- The coalition backing Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff lost ground but kept its absolute congressional majority in the upcoming legislature, according to results of the balloting released Monday by the electoral court.

In Sunday's presidential elections, Rousseff won 41.5 percent of the vote while Sen. Aecio Neves took 33.5 percent, so that the two will dispute the runoff on Oct. 26.

Parties supporting Rousseff control both the lower house of Congress and the Senate, according to official results, which could undergo some slight changes depending on what the electoral court decides about some of the candidates, who could be disqualified.

In the lower house, the nine parties supporting Rousseff's candidacy for reelection have 294 legislators, more than half of the 513 seats.

Rousseff's Workers Party won the most seats with 70 lawmakers, but lost 17 compared to the number it currently holds in the lower house.

Neves' PSDB party rose to have 54 legislators, 10 more than it has now, and so becomes the third strongest political force.

The lower house will be more fragmented and will have the representation of 28 political parties, six more than at present.

In the 81-seat Senate there were few changes and the Rousseff-allied PMDB remains the leading force, though it lost a seat and will now have 18, while the president's party also lost a senator and will now have 12.

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