Lavrov Denounces Ukrainian Military Provocation in Crimea

Featured Lavrov Denounces Ukrainian Military Provocation in Crimea

Moscow, Dec 17 (Prensa Latina) Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov denounced the preparation by Kiev of a provocation in Crimea by the end of this year, while denying the possibility of a conflict between his country and Ukraine.

For the last 10 days of the year, the Ukrainian president, Piotro Poroshenko, plans a military provocation on the Russian border, on the Crimean border, Lavrov declared.

Moscow will respond forcefully to Kiev, in case of provocative actions, he promised.

This is our country, our border and in no way allow Poroshenko to try, as he claims, defend their interests and thus violate the rights of Crimean, obtained according to international law, he said.

In March 2014, the overwhelming majority of the population of Crimea and in the special area of Sevastopol spoke in favor of the departure from Ukraine and the subsequent return to Russian jurisdiction.

We have information that the Ukrainian leader is discussing with other nations that protect and stimulate his government how to carry out the provocation, said the Russian head of Foreign Affairs to the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

But such actions should never lead to the launching of an offensive that provokes a massive response from Russia, Lavrov said, referring to the advice that the West would have given to the Ukrainian head of state.

The minister considered that Moscow will avoid a war with Ukraine.

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