China, USA Wrap Up Trade Talks

Featured China, USA Wrap Up Trade Talks

Negotiators from China and the United States on Wednesday wrapped up a three-consecutive-day round of talks aimed at establishing a mutually satisfactory agreement to end trade war.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang confirmed at a news conference the conclusion of the talks, but he did not offer details and did not report whether there was any agreement.

However, he assured that the extension of talks until Wednesday is an evidence of the two nations' commitment to seek a solution to the conflict that cut economic-commercial ties during 2018.

Earlier, members of the U.S. delegation briefly told journalists that the talks continued for the third consecutive day and took place under a positive atmosphere. This was an unforeseen change, because they were initially scheduled only for January 7 and 8.

The fact that the talks continued until Wednesday had a stimulating effect on the main stock markets in Asia.

The talks were held in Beijing at the vice-ministerial level and they are expected to lead the drawing up of an agenda to implement the consensus reached by Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump during the meeting held on December 1 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the talks focused on sensitive issues such as the protection of intellectual property, technological cooperation, market access and commercial balance.

The importation of agricultural, energy and automobile products was also addressed during the talks.

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