Venezuela's President to Be Sworn in at Supreme Court of Justice

Featured Venezuela's President to Be Sworn in at Supreme Court of Justice

President Nicolas Maduro will be sworn in on Thursday at the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) for the 2019-2025 constitutional period, in compliance with the democratic and popular will of the Venezuelan people.

Venezuelans have begun to come out into the streets to express their support Maduro, who was democratically elected last August 20, winning by a wide margin.

The inauguration ceremony will be held in front of the TSJ, and not at the National Assembly as this body is still involved in the judicial contempt since 2016 due to illegally swearing in three Amazonas lawmakers. They had been charged with fraud.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Communication informed that after the ceremony, Maduro will hold a public meeting with members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and later with the citizenship, which ratified him as Head of State at last year elections.

On January 11, the president will come to the National Constituent Assembly to present 'Plan de la Patria' (Plan for the Homeland), a government program that will guide the government actions.

Maduro's swearing in takes place under a permanent political and economic siege led by the United States and some regional governments that have issued open threats against the political-social project of the Bolivarian Revolution, and aspire to install a transitional government to validate the aspiration of the internal opposition.

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