Study: 80% of Venezuelans Oppose Foreign Intervention

Featured Study: 80% of Venezuelans Oppose Foreign Intervention

The Vice President for Planning of Venezuela, Ricardo Menendez, indicated that the encirclement and financial sabotage by the US has generated losses of 60 billion dollars.

In an interview for teleSUR, Venezuela’s Vice President for Planning Ricardo Menendez said that about 80 percent of Venezuelans reject any interventionist action against the South American nation.

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Menendez indicated that the figure is derived from the recent study conducted by the Venezuelan Planning Institute over a period of two years.

The official said that the results of the analysis contrasts with the story the opposition has tried to write over the so-called crisis in the country.

The results of the study show 92 percent of people responded negatively to a military invasion of Venezuela and 86.5 percent rejected the financial sanctions imposed unilaterally by the U.S.

Ricardo Menendez said that the results of the study are a sample of how anti-imperialist thinking is intrinsic to the Venezuelan people.

For the past week, millions of Venezuelan citizens have also been lining up to sign on to an open letter that will be issued to U.S. citizens that ask for peace and non-intevention. 

During the interview, he said that since 2015 the Venezuelan opposition has maintained the idea that Venezuela is in a humanitarian crisis and that such an argument has been used to validate a military invasion.

He warned that Venezuela is the victim of a psychological war and assured that the siege and economic sabotage against the Bolivarian country has caused it to lose more than US$60 billion in the last three years.

Part of the psychological war is based on misinformation and fake news about humanitarian aid and access roads into the country, which include assertions of instability along the border of Colombia, and the closing of access roads that have been restricted for years.


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