Spanish Socialist Party Might Win Upcoming Elections, Polls Show

Featured Spanish Socialist Party Might Win Upcoming Elections, Polls Show

Madrid, Apr 4 (Prensa Latina) The Spanish Socialist Workers'' Party (PSOE) might win the general elections on April 28, although without the necessary majority to establish a government by itself, the newspaper El Pais predicted on Thursday.

According to an average of the latest polls conducted by the Madrid-based newspaper, the PSOE, led by President Pedro Sanchez, is consolidating as the first option in the upcoming elections.

The PSOE would win the legislative elections with 28.6 percent of votes and would get some 126 seats, but it would be very hard for the party to rule in a coalition with Unidas Podemos, an alliance between Izquierda Unida and Podemos.

That parliamentary group, which supported Sanchez in the latest initiatives by his administration, would be less represented in the Congress of Deputies, according to a summary published in the influential newspaper.

Unidas Podemos will see its representation reduced from 71 seats in the June 2016 elections to 30 lawmakers (12.1 percent), in a Lower House made up of 350 members and an absolute majority established in 176 seats.

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