Moreno: Assange is an 'Informational Terrorist,' Russian Agent

Featured Moreno: Assange is an 'Informational Terrorist,' Russian Agent

Moreno denied, in the BBC interview, that the United Kingdom and the United States forced him to revoke Assange's asylum.

Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno, in an exclusive interview with the BBC, stated that Julian Assange could be an agent of Russia, who has selectively never revealed information about Moscow amid leaking information about other nations.

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Moreno also discredited Assange as a journalist and accused the WikiLeaks chief of working to preserve Russia and expose other countries, as evidenced by his interfering with the Vatican, the United States elections and Catalonia’s referendum.   

The head of state reaffirmed that the WikiLeaks co-founder was rude to the staff at the Ecuadorean embassy in London and defaced the premises with feces. However, Moreno denied, in the interview, that the United Kingdom and the United States forced him to revoke Assange's asylum, which led to the whistleblower being forcibly removed from Ecuador's London embassy where he lived for seven years.

When asked, by the reporter, if he had moved to swiftly evict Assange from the embassy because he had suffered embarrassment from photographs of him dining on lobster - after announcing austerity measures in the South American nation - had been published, Moreno replied “that was my birthday, I was watching soccer in bed, it was a great day.”

Moreno also added that Assange was a “informational terrorist ”who does not give out information he has, but is selective according to “ideological commitments.”

The Andean leader reiterated that Assange used the embassy to spy and directly violated his status as an asylee when he interfered with the internal affairs if political ally countries.

Assange faces up to one year in a British prison for breaching bail and could also be extradited to the United States, where he has been charged with computer hacking and faces up to five years in prison.

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