Trump and his advisors on the international chessboard

  • Written by Raúl Antonio Capote
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Featured Trump and his advisors on the international chessboard

Businessman Donald Trump, who became president with a minority vote of the U.S. people –received a smaller share of the popular vote than his rival Hilary Clinton, in an election that saw a high abstention rate – is at a real crossroads, one of the many in the labyrinth in which his administration is buried.

Little is going well for the President. One of his most cherished dreams, negotiations on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) denuclearization, which saw him approach the laurels of glory, was snatched away. The “deal of the century” went up in smoke, among other reasons, due to the ill will and ineptitude of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and National Security Adviser John Bolton. Bolton’s latest statements on the subject were described as “nonsense” by the DPRK’s Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son-hui.

These two politicians appear to be competing to see who can come up with the biggest lie, and especially who can say it first. They contradict each other; they get things wrong, in what was described by Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, during a press conference at the Ministry as a sign of “haste and improvisation.”

On April 17, Bolton stated before the ignoble remnants of the mercenary 2506 Brigade (Bay of Pigs veterans), in Miami, “Together, we can finish what began on those beaches.” Such nonsense is truly laughable. On the sands of Playa Girón the arrogance and vain pride of the empire were buried. What began to fall on that beach was the power of the United States on the continent. Do they really want to finish what they started?


Trump failed to beat ISIS, and the imperialist media also failed to get people to believe the tale of its victory. Afghanistan is still an escapable problem, Iraq is a mess, Iran resists sanctions and threats, and to top it all the continued errors surrounding the Korean issue mean that Russia, in a skilled political move, is gaining prominence over its Yankee counterpart, and taking the initiative in what could become a true “deal of the century.”

The coup d’état in Venezuela was the “game-saving plan.” Ambitious Senator Marco Rubio, a frenzied enemy of the Cuban people, apparently “sold” the idea to Trump that he could kill several birds with one stone: “If Venezuela falls, Cuba and then Nicaragua will fall.” The domino effect would be underway, and the President would go down in history as having achieved the “unthinkable.”

But we already know how the coup orchestrated by U.S. forces ended. Another dream faded away.


The aim is to win, no matter what, and thus “all options are on the table.” The overthrow of Nicolás Maduro would be a “great political victory,” a key achievement. For the ultraconservative circle that surrounds Trump, this is the great historic opportunity to achieve what so many Presidents couldn’t, and also obtain his longed for reelection.

Trump’s mob elaborates plan after plan, racking their brains. We don’t know whether this elite club was selected or imposed on him – perhaps its members have a card up their sleeve, proof of some of “mischief.” They say they can’t lose in Venezuela, but the real possibility of failure is a concern to the boss and his closest collaborators.

To prevent their total defeat, they tighten the siege, doing what no one could have imagined, breaking with all ethics, all rules, willing to go to any lengths, even unleash a war of incalculable proportions. They act with insanity, bereft of all logic.

The economic offensive against Cuba and Venezuela is unparalleled; it is an aggression of apocalyptic proportions, despicable in all its scope and meaning. They hope that hunger, disease and hardship will cause despair among the people, that the Venezuelan people will rise up against themselves, and, despite the lessons of history, they expect the same to happen in Cuba.

“Zero economic growth” in Venezuela is the plan from the likes of Rubio, Pence, Bolton, Pompeo and company, who hope to make the economy collapse and unleash chaos. According to their calculations, the Cuban government will then fall, with the island incapable of resisting such a thrashing, and then they will finish off everything within reach of their guns.


Trump is at a crossroads. As any good businessman, he should know that his best move is to pull back, in time, that the best businesses are “win-win,” but blinded by arrogance and “bad advice” he insists on delving deeper into the labyrinth, bringing things forward, move after move, raising the stakes with no way out. He will never escape his own game.

He cannot win, and in the last instance all he will reap is the blood-drenched earth of two peoples who will not bend; peaceful when it comes to work and living in peace, but warriors when it comes to defending their honor and freedom.

The President of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, has said, “Imperialism plunges deeper into a desperate phase” in its attacks against the country. This despair makes it dangerous; one can expect anything from the incompetent clique surrounding President Trump.

There is nothing beyond the labyrinth, only desolation and the historical shame of those who dream of stealing the freedom of others. If they persist along this path, humiliation and defeat await them.

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