Syrian Army Continues Fighting Terrorists in Three Provinces

Featured Syrian Army Continues Fighting Terrorists in Three Provinces

Damascus, Jun 22 ( Prensa Latina ) The Syrian Army has continued Saturday the fighting against terrorist groups in the provinces of Aleppo, Hama and Idleb in joint actions of artillery, own and Russian aviation and infantry units, according to military sources.

The most recent reports confirmed the destruction of an operations center of the Levant Liberation Board, formerly Al Nusra Front, near the town of Muhandissen, west of Aleppo province, 450 kilometers north of Damascus.

According to sources, three artillery vans, one armoured vehicle and an unspecified number of casualties for extremists were destroyed in response to continued attacks against Syrian-controlled populations.

On the other hand, government troops were deployed on the front of Kafer Noaboudeh, in the north of Hama province and bordering that of Latakia, where the former Al Nusra and the so-called Turkestan Party, composed of mercenaries of the Uyghur Chinese ethnicity, alternatively held positions in the Kabani region. In this area, which forms part of a demilitarized zone never respected by terrorists, fighting continued for control of the road between the towns of Saqalabiyeh and Mhardeh, these latter under the domination of government troops.

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