Bolsonaro may be Forced to Reveal Everything about Political Prisoner

Featured Bolsonaro may be Forced to Reveal Everything about Political Prisoner

The Brazilian Prosecutor's Office assesses Jair Bolsonaro's statement about the disappearance of political prisoner Fernando Augusto de Santa Cruz Oliveira, whereby the president could be forced to reveal everything he knows about the case.

'It is extremely serious not only because of the friction with the ethical and moral decorum that is expected of all citizens and public authorities, but also because of its legal implications,' the Federal Attorney General's Office of Citizen Rights, in a public note to the Public Ministry.

Bolsonaro unleashed the controversy when he told reporters on Monday that he would tell Felipe Santa Cruz, president of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), how his father died during the military dictatorship (1964-1985).

Felipe is the son of the late Fernando Augusto Santa Cruz de Oliveira, killed by the Armed Forces in 1974, as evidenced by a secret Aeronautical document.

However, Bolsonaro dared to say that Fernando was executed by an armed group of the left and not by the military.

'Who is that OAB? If one day the president of the OAB wants to know how his father disappeared in the military period, I tell him. He will not want to hear the truth. I tell you, 'said the politician of the extreme right.

Signed by the federal prosecutor for Citizens' Rights, Deborah Duprat, and deputy Marlon Weichert, the note notes that 'rare situations cause as much suffering as the disappearance of a loved one.'

In Brazil, more than 80 thousand families face the disappearance situation each year from different sources: social, health and violent disappearances.

'Everyone suffers, almost always in silence, this perennial pain, which does not cease until the whereabouts of the loved one are discovered. Respect for this pain is a sign of humanity and dignity, practiced by different civilizations and all religions', details the Prosecutor's text.

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