Prosecutors Reject Bolsonaro's Son as Brazil's Ambassador to the US

Featured Prosecutors Reject Bolsonaro's Son as Brazil's Ambassador to the US

The Federal Public Prosecutor's Office filed a court order this Monday to block the appointment of federal Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, son of President Jair Bolsonaro, to the post of Brazilian Ambassador to the United States.

The Public Prosecutor's Office argues that it rejects such an appointment as a possible act of nepotism, even though it has already been approved by Donald Trump's government.

It details that the government follows criteria to choose ambassadors who are not career diplomats, such as recognized merit in diplomatic activities, relevant diplomatic services offered to the country and at least three years of experience in such activities.

The Brazilian Constitution prohibits the designation of a spouse or relative up to the third degree of consanguinity to exercise a post of commission or trust in any of the powers of the State.

However, the Comptroller General of the State considers that this interdiction only refers to the election of administrative posts, but not non-political offices, which is why it endorsed the appointment of Eduardo Bolsonaro as Brazil's official representative in Washington.

According to the Attorney General's Office, the post of Ambassador to the US is the most important in Brazilian diplomacy, and as such this appointment should be taken seriously and responsibly, regardless of family ties. It warned that in the past the appointment of persons without technical conditions for diplomatic missions has had negative repercussions for the country.

There is 'danger of harm if a person is named without adequate preparation to establish intense negotiations with foreign agents,' stressed the Attorney General's Office, which called to respect the technical criteria for choosing diplomatic chiefs.

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