Trump´s Refusal to Grant a Visa Without Medical Insurance Condemned

Featured Trump´s Refusal to Grant a Visa Without Medical Insurance Condemned

Washington, Oct. 6 (Prensa Latina) Organizations and members of Congress today criticize President Donald Trump's decision to deny visas to immigrants without medical insurance or unable to prove that they can defray healthcare costs in the United States.

The Republican president issued a proclamation on Friday in which he said that those seeking to live in this nation must be covered by approved health insurance or prove that they have the financial resources to reasonably afford foreseeable medical costs.

The measure, considered part of the governor's continued efforts to reduce immigration, both illegal and legal, will come into effect on November 3, in order to stop the entry of those 'financially charged to the United States health system' , according to the document.

This is the Trump administration's latest attempt to restrict immigration to allow only the rich and use economic status to discriminate instead of trying to reunite families, the interim president and executive director of the Legal Center for the Southern Poverty said about the decision.

The United We Dream group, meanwhile, said this move by the head of the White House 'is another economic and racist attack against a community that deserves medical attention in the first place.'

What do foreseeable medical expenses mean? How much money is that? How do you show that you are going to get health insurance in the future? No particular form has been submitted for people to complete, questioned the new rule Doug Rand, a former official of the Barack Obama administration (2009-2017) who worked on immigration policy.

Rand told the CBS News television network yesterday that this executive is obsessed with the erroneous notion that immigrants are depleting taxpayers 'resources, so they look' under every rock they can to exclude people who are not rich. '

The president brazenly targets and punishes immigrants and low-income families. The order will separate US citizens from their spouses and legal immigrant loved ones. Trump's anti-immigrant agenda has no limits and is hurting American families, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus said on Twitter.

Trump continues to find cruel and hateful ways to harm innocent people, and separates American citizens from their loved ones who seek to join them, to feed their narrow-minded political base. Horrifying, said Democratic representative Lucille Roybal-Allard on that platform.

For his part, the senator and presidential candidate for the blue party Bernie Sanders said that while the Republican president wants to use medical care 'as a weapon to advance a racist and xenophobic agenda', he seeks to guarantee medical care for all 'and we will win'.

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