Evo Morales accuses opponents; violent coup in Bolivia

Featured Evo Morales accuses opponents; violent coup in Bolivia

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has resigned on Sunday, announcing in a live TV broadcast he did it to avoid violence by groups led by opponent Carlos Mesa and Fernando Camacho against followers of the Movement toward Socialism and helpless people.

'I am very sorry for this civic coup backed by a segment of the Police which is an assault on democracy, against social peace, with violence, to intimidate the Bolivian people,' he warned.

Morales reiterated that Camacho and Mesa are responsible for the course the events are taking in Bolivia, and even, what may happen to him and to Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, and the rest of Government officials.

The constitutional president indicated that the struggle does not end here, the humblest, the poor, the social sectors, the good patriots will continue this fight for equality, for the peace, he stressed.

He emphasized that at this moment it is important to tell the Bolivian people that it is necessary to seek this pacification.

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