No carnival in Brazil as World Cup protests take place

Featured No carnival in Brazil as World Cup protests take place

In a country well known for its carnival atmosphere, Brazil has seen parades of a different kind just days before it is due to host the FIFA World Cup.

Hundreds of teachers marched through Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday night, demanding a salary increase and greater investment in the education and health systems.

Teacher Leonardo Ceiram took part in the protest.

“A lot of money is spent on the big events, while we don’t have a good healthcare system and we have a terrible quality of education, where schools are not the priority and where teachers’ salaries are very low,” he said.

Meanwhile in Goiana, in the centre of the country, around 200 people demonstrated against the competition outside the stadium where Brazil were playing the first of two friendly matches this week.

But Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has countered the scepticism surrounding the event by highlighting the potential economic benefits hosting the tournament may bring.

She has been quoted as saying the competition is likely to enhance Brazil’s position on the global stage.

But the FIFA governing body as well as the Brazilian government are said to be on high alert for mass protests to take place once the competition starts on June 12.

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