German scientist plans to resurrect frozen within 150 years

Featured German scientist plans to resurrect frozen within 150 years
German scientist Klaus Sames, 75 years old, plans to freeze himself in order to resurrect within 150 years.

The process that the researcher wants to undergo Hamburg is called cryopreservation and freezing is a living organism and the subsequent restoration of its biological functions.

The German body will cool to 196 degrees below zero. After the lawyers their attention the death of her brain, teaching assistants have only five minutes to get your body in a bath with 60 kilograms of ice.
As reported in the German newspaper Bild, if attendees Sames prolong the process for a minute, his grand experiment fail, as the cells begin to break down scientific, and it will be impossible to return to life.
The body will be placed in a special cooler and sent to the city of Clinton Township, Michigan (USA), where the company headquarters is located Cryonic Institute.
The company in charge of the process injected into the veins of a special teacher physical solution to freeze and wait until future professionals learn how to revive them. According to the German professor, humanity will take a century and a half to get it.
The German signed a contract for his resurrection and paid signature Cryonic Institute 21,000 euros (28 thousand 500 dollars) to thaw your body 150 years later.
“I am one hundred percent aware of what I’m doing.I’m right in the head, “said the professor, who spent most of his life studying gerontology and in 1995 began to take an active interest in issues of cryonics.
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