Kurdish Armed Group Claim Suicide Bombing which Killed 37 in Ankara

Featured Kurdish Armed Group Claim Suicide Bombing which Killed 37 in Ankara

ANKARA - The armed group, the Kurdistan Freedom Falcons, or TAK, claimed responsibility on Thursday for a suicide car bombing that caused the deaths of 37 on Sunday in Ankara.

In a statement on its website, the group said that the attack is an "act of revenge" for military operations in the southeast, where the Kurdish majority lives, and in which hundreds of people have died.

The statement confirms that the attacker was Seher Cagla Demir, as the Turkish ministry of interior announced on Tuesday, and attached her photograph, noting that she had been active in the ranks of TAK since 2013.

The group expressed "sadness" over the civilian victims of the attack which aim, the statement says, was the police.

The statement stressed, however, that the group was able to verify that many policemen were killed in the bombing.

The car bomb driven by Demir ripped through Kizilay Square in central Ankara late on Sunday.

Turkish press reported only one policeman among the victims, among which there were numerous university students.

The TAK message accuses the Turkish government of deliberately targeting civilians during armed interventions in the Kurdish southeastern cities, where army and gendarmerie have been fighting for months with artillery and tanks against Kurdish militants barricaded in their neighborhoods.

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