Pulitzer Prize Winner Says Media Should Call Dilma Rousseff's Ouster a Coup

Featured Pulitzer Prize Winner Says Media Should Call Dilma Rousseff's Ouster a Coup

U.S. Pulitzer Prize winner and renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald suggested that all media should begin referring to the impeachment trial against suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff as what it is -- “a coup.”

Greenwald's news outlet The Intercept is responsible for the leak of an audio exposing a plot by Brazilian politicians linked to the massive corruption scandal involving the state-run oil company Petrobras to oust Dilma Rousseff in order to protect themselves from indictment.

"The audio transcriptions reveal an explicit conspiracy between the new Planning Minister Romero Juca and the former oil executive Sergio Machado, both being investigated in the Petrobras case,” he said.  The journalist added that both politicians mention that the only way to put an end to the investigation putting their careers at risk is by ousting Dilma.

The Intercept editor also explained that the most “significant revelation” is Juca's statement in which he talks about the involvement in their plot of a Supreme Court judges, a factor that has been said to be the element giving their “impeachment” credibility as such and not as a coup, which is what it ultimately is.

Greenwald also said that the purpose of the impeachment against Dilma Rousseff was not to end corruption or punish those involved in corruption, but all the contrary: “protect those who are truly corrupt handing them power with Dilma's ouster.” 

Edited by Pavel Jacomino

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