Ecuador's Correa Returns To Support 'NO' In Referendum

“These people want to end with the division of power, they want to end democracy," stated the ex-president.

Rafael Correa, the former president of Ecuador, announced in a radio interview, that he would return to the country next Thursday, to support the campaign against next month's referendum.

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The plebiscite was proposed by Lenín Moreno, the current president of Ecuador, in order to “strengthen democracy”, and will take place on Feb. 4.

In the interview, Correa stated that he would support the “NO” against three specific points of the seven included in the referendum:

2.- Election of new members of the Civic Participation Council.

3.- Invalidating the amendment that allows indefinite re-election of elected positions.

6.- Restriction of mineral mining.

“These people want to end the division of power, they want to end democracy, go back 20 years and then take the next 20 years for themselves," stated the ex-president, “they may have control of the media, millions of dollars and the government, but we have millions of arms, millions of hearts and millions of minds”.

This is the second time the ex-president is visiting Ecuador after his term ended. Between last November and December, Correa spent ten days in the country, attending several events including a ruling party PAIS Alliance convention. He stated that his visit and the organization against the Moreno faction within the PAIS Alliance was virtually ignored by the media.

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Ecuador: Granting Government to Ex Banker Lasso Endangers the Nation

Quito, March 3 (Prensa Latina) Delivering the government of Ecuador to Guillermo Lasso, linked to the bank holiday of 1999, which forced millions into exile, endangers the nation, Alex Flores, president of the Federation of Returned Migrants, said today.

'I migrated precisely because of the crisis experienced in the country that year, by those who now with total shamelessness are candidates in the presidential elections, and take advantage of the lack of memory of a part of the population and young people, children back then, who remember little or nothing of what happened then,' Flores said in an interview with Prensa Latina.

In his opinion, mainly that sector of society, young people, has no real idea of the negative impact of the bank holiday and see Lasso, aspiring to the head of state in the second round of elections on April 2 by CREO-SUMA party, as a new figure, when he is not.

He is a banker who designed all the laws to be able to make the robbery he did, through certificates of deposit, and many people wonder, if he did so much damage, why he is not imprisoned? because while he was the super minister of economy, he was in charge of generating laws so that the immoral larceny he committed, was 'legal', he said.

He considered that the population should be more aware of the progress made in the 10 years of citizen revolution and that it intends to consolidate itself under the leadership of Lenin Moreno, who fights for the presidency with Lasso, representing the governmental Movimiento Alianza PAIS.

Just to cite an example of the benefits obtained with the administration of President Rafael Correa, and which Moreno intends to continue, he focused on the recently adopted Human Mobility Law, a regulation in defense of the rights of Ecuadorians abroad and foreign nationals residing in this country.

With that background in mind, in addition to the infrastructure and social programs in health and education implemented throughout the country, Flores insisted on the need to support the ruling party's presidential ticket Lenin Moreno-Jorge Glas, in the second round of elections. 'We must apply the motto: a people who have bad memories are doomed to make the same mistakes, and we cannot return to the bank holiday,' he said.

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