‘This is their story’: Kremlin says scandal over UK ambassador is between London and Washington

There is no reason for Russia to comment on the row caused by a series of leaked memos in which the UK Ambassador to the US called Donald Trump “inept” and assessed his administration as “dysfunctional.”

The scandal is obviously “between Washington and London,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Tuesday. “Let these two capitals deal with it. This is not our story,” he added.

The revelation raised ire in Washington, with Trump angrily saying that “we will no longer deal with him.” However, outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May assured that she has “full faith” in Ambassador Darroch. Nevertheless, some UK tabloids were quick to point fingers at Russia after Jeremy Hunt said London is also examining the meddling of a “foreign state.”

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Confidential emails from the UK’s ambassador Kim Darroch were leaked to the Daily Mail on Sunday. The cables described Donald Trump and his administration as “dysfunctional, clumsy and inept” among other characteristics.

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