Bus Careens Off Peru Highway into Pacific, Killing 48

Six others have been taken to the hospital for injuries.

Forty eight people are now confirmed dead after a tragic bus accident on the “Devil’s Curve” along the Peruvian coast, just north of Lima. National Police said six others have been taken to the hospital for injuries.

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Fourteen of the deceased have been taken to the nearby Huaral morgue after their bus collided with a truck along the curvy, mountainous portion of the Panamerican Highway, causing their vehicle to fall at least 200 meters to the shore of the Pacific Ocean as it was traveling to Lima.   

"We are pulling up another 10 along the 200 meter cliff, 12 more are hung up along the side of the cliff and 12 bodies are still within the bus”, Huaral Police Chief Hernan Valdivieso told local media.

Rescuers said they are working as quickly as possible to recover all of the deceased and the bus before the tide comes in.

Four of the accident survivors were taken to the Alcides Carrion del Callao Hospital, where they are set to be operated on, director Maria Elena Aguilar said. The other two survivors were sent to two other separate hospitals.

Officials said the bus was speeding at the time of the crash.

The "Devil’s Curve" has been the scene of innumerable accidents owing to its high volume of large vehicles on its curvy, narrow structure that is continually shrouded in ocean fog. At least eight people die every day from motor accidents in Peru, according to the National Police.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski tweeted on his account, "it’s very painful for us, as a country, to have suffered an accident of such magnitude.” He expressed his “solidarity” with the families.

Several government institutions are working together to recover the bodies, including 150 firefighters who are managing to bring up one body at a time in an area “completely inaccessible,” commented Larry Lynch, vice president of the Firefighter's Association.

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German bus inferno killed 18 in Bavaria, police say

Eighteen people are believed to have died when their tour bus crashed and burst into flames on the A9 motorway in southern Germany, police say.

The bus was in a collision with a lorry near Stammbach in north Bavaria.

Thirty people escaped the fire, two of whom are critically hurt. The bus was carrying German pensioners from Saxony.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said rescuers were delayed by "gawpers" driving slowly and by the intensity of the blaze.

It is not clear why the bus crashed - traffic was reportedly moving slowly at the time. Nor is it clear why flames engulfed the whole bus so quickly.

The lorry's trailer was also incinerated and the burnt-out wreck ended up a short distance ahead of the bus. The German news website Frankenpost reports that it was carrying mattresses and pillows.

The lorry driver was unharmed and told police the bus had crashed into his vehicle and burst into flames, it said.

There were 46 passengers and two drivers on the bus. One driver was among those killed. The passengers were men and women aged 41 to 81, from the Dresden area, heading to Lake Garda in Italy for a holiday.

Forensic teams have recovered the charred remains of 11 people so far.


Five rescue helicopters joined emergency workers at the scene.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was distressed by the accident and expressed sympathy for the injured and bereaved relatives.

She thanked the rescuers for looking after people "in an appalling situation".

A police spokesman told German news channel n-tv that there were good medical facilities in Bayreuth, not far from the scene.

https://ichef-1.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/B443/production/_96774164_gerfor2afp.jpgForensic experts are examining the charred skeleton of the bus and human remains inside / Image copyright AFP

https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/57CD/production/_96777422_gerbusafpmotor.jpgThe crash scene - traffic has resumed now in one direction / AFP

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Death Toll from Japan Bus Crash Rises to 15

The death toll in Japan's worst bus accident in 25 years has risen to 15, police said, as they struggle to determine why the vehicle veered off a mountain road it was not supposed to be on.

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