President Diaz-Canel in Argentina to attend inaugural ceremony of Alberto Fernandez

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez arrived in Buenos Aires on Sunday to participate in the swearing-in ceremony of the elected head of state of the Republic of Argentina, Alberto Fernández Pérez.

The First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, said goodbye to the Cuban leader at the José Martí International Airport.

The Cuban delegation is also made up of Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmierca Diaz, and Cuban Ambassador to Argentina Orestes Perez, among other officials.

Alberto Fernández will take over the presidency of Argentina on Tuesday.

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Canel Argentina

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Early results in Argentinean elections give easy win to Alberto Fernandez

Preliminary results in Argentina's presidential elections gives an easy victory to candidates Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernandez, for president and vice president, respectively.

According to a survey from the Projeccion Management and Consultoria, one hour after the polls closed in Argentina:

Alberto Fernandez -- 52.7
Mauricio Marcri -- 34.7

Around the country, in an overcast Buenos Aires, amid the Pampas farmlands and the vineyards of Mendoza, polling stations opened their doors at 8 a.m. local time.  Voting ended at 6 p.m. and local media said first official results were expected by 9:00 p.m. local time.

The ballot is effectively a referendum between Macri's austerity and the "social contract" of the left-leaning opposition, who have attracted voters hurt badly by the Macri's neoliberal model that led to the most severe economic crisis in decades.

Argentina's choice could have far-reaching implications: it is one the world's top grain exporters, is stirring the energy world with its huge Vaca Muerta shale field and is on the cusp of restructuring talks with creditors over $100 billion U$D in debt.

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Cristina Fernandez Thanks Argentineans for Supporting Frente de Todo

Former President and vice presidential candidate Cristina Fernandez thanked Argentineans for supporting the Frente de Todos Party in the primary elections held on Sunday.

In a message from the Patagonian city of Rio Gallegos, where she cast her vote, the former president expressed her commitment to a new era.

She appeared calm and happy in a video posted on social media, but called on the government to provide real and true data in these elections.

Indeed, the figures we have make us very happy and optimistic, she said in reference to the 47.22% of the vote secured by Frente de Todos, according to the preliminary count.

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Fernando Haddad Denounces Persecution Against Progressive Leaders

Fernando Haddad, former candidate for the Brazilian presidency of the Workers' Party (PT), denounced on Tuesday the judicial persecution against the most prominent left-wing political leaders in Latin America.

According to Haddad, anomalous processes are taking place in the region's judicial systems that put popular sovereignty at risk.

'We have to be very careful because this new way of doing politics erodes democracy', warned the former presidential candidate in an interview with the Sputnik agency.

Haddad mentioned the case of former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, against whom eight different cases were opened.

The current senator has repeatedly denounced being the victim of unprecedented political and judicial persecution.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is also the target of a legal war and has been serving 12 years and one month in prison since April 2018 for never-proven corruption offences.

Lula was jailed when all the polls gave him as the favorite candidate to win the Brazilian presidency in the October 2018 elections and the PT had to replace him with Fernando Haddad.

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Cristina Fernandez: 'Brazil's Elites Blocking Lula's Candidacy Because They Know He'd Win'

The former Argentine president expressed her solidarity with Lula after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) voted to ban the ex-president from participating in the October elections.

Brazil is preventing Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva from running in the presidential elections because they know he would win, former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said on social media.

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From her Twitter account, the senator showed her support for the Brazilian politician, who's been imprisoned since April for alleged crimes of corruption, after Brazil's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) voted to ban ex-president Lula from participating in the October elections.

“Now they are preventing @LulaOficial from being a presidential candidate because they know that he would win the elections in October. Also, in Brazil, the media, together with the Judiciary, have destroyed the rule of law,” Fernandez wrote.

The former Argentine president is among the list of Latin America’s progressive politicians under investigation over corruption while in office and is to appear in court Monday. Among the others, Ecuador’s former state head, Rafael Correa is the latest victim of "lawfare" and the government of his former ally, Lenin Moreno, is threatening him of detention if he is to return to Ecuador from his country of residence, Belguim.

The former Brazilian president has been imprisoned since April in Curitiba after being found guilty on crimes of corruption, despite lack of evidence. He has appealed an earlier decision by a Supreme Court justice who rejected a habeas corpus writ his lawyers had filed seeking his release.

Despite speculations of a new Brazilian Workers Party candidate, Lula’s running mate, Fernando Haddad, reaffirmed his support for the incarcerated ex-administrator Saturday, saying, “I take an oath of allegiance to Lula. Let's go with Lula until the end.”

The Brazilian Workers Party continues to fight for Lula’s legitimacy. Congresswoman Margarida Salomao said Saturday, “We will take all legal measures to ensure that his rights, guaranteed by law and international treaties adhered to by Brazil, are respected. We will defend Lula on the streets, with the Brazilian people.”

Lula's PT party has filed an extraordinary appeal to the Federal Supreme Court this weekend seeking to overturn the TSE's ruling to secure Lula's candidacy. The party has until Sept. 17 to pick a new candidate on their ticket, but the TSE judges gave the PT 10 days to do so. 

On Aug. 17  the United Nations' Human Rights Committee called on the Brazilian state to “take all necessary measures” to allow Lula his political right to run as a presidential candidate. Per Brazil’s constitution, the committee also said Lula should not be prevented from participating in the elections until all of his legal appeals have been exhausted.

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Argentina's Cristina Fernandez Calls for Unity Against Neoliberalism, Launches New Political Movement

The former President announced the new "Citizen's Unity" alliance that wil against the conservative government 

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner launched Tuesday a new political alliance called Citizen's Unity that will put forward candidates to context seats in the country's upcoming legislative elections in the name of checking President Mauricio Macri's power in Congress.

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"I call for a citizen's unity, the unity of all Argentines," Fernandez said to a crowd of tens of thousands in Buenos Aires.

The politician criticized the rise in prices in basic services, incudluding gas and electricity, under the neoliberal agenda of the Macri administration.  

"We need to put a limit on this government in the next elections to stop this adjustment," Fernandez said. "With them we don't have a future, I don't think it's fair that we are suffering."

Social organizations and civil groups gathered at the packed stadium where the local Arsenal Football Club plays shouted, "We will return, we will return," a chorus made famous by her supporters. Some 30,000 people were expected to attend her announcement.

Fernandez, known in Argentina by her initials CFK, was expected to announce whether or not she will run for senator in Argentina's most populous province in the legislative elections scheduled for Oct. 22.

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"I come here to join as one more, to put my body, my head and my heart," Fernandez said. "To represent the interests of the men and women of flesh and bone."

The new alliance is made up of five political parties — New Gathering, Broad Front, Victory Party, Kolina and Federal Commitment — four of which were previously part of Fernandez' former political alliance, the Front for Victory. The Citizen's Unity coalition does not include Fernandez party with which she was elected president, the Justicialist Party, which is part of the Front for Victory. 

If Fernandez decides to run in this election, she could end up competing against her former Transportation Minister Florencio Randazzo, who has already announced his candidacy. Two sources close to her told Reuters she intends to run in Buenos Aires.

Rather than affiliating for the election with Peronism, the country's dominant progressive political movement, Fernandez and her allies' party aims to fight "the reinstatement of the neo-liberal model" under President Macri.

Candidates have until Saturday to confirm their plans to run in the legislative elections.

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Cristina Fernández Ready to Launch New Political Platform

Buenos Aires, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) The ex-President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez is ready today to launch a new political platform baptized as Federal Kirchnerist Current (CFK in Spanish) which will see the light next December 7.

As news media advanced like Pagina 12 and Letra P, the initiative will be put in motion in the stadium Ferro Carril Oeste, one year after her exit from government and will join all the forces recognized in her leadership in 'a great national front'.

The idea, according to the document of the summons titled 'We are Politically Active with Cristina' for a new majority, the adding of forces for the construction of a great front that consolidates a new popular majority to win in 2017 and return, better, in 2019, referriung to the legislative elections of next year and the presidential polls two years after.

The CFK started to take form little by little through a series of meetings until finishing to form what its launching will be in a few days to design a new political space that regroups the kirchnerism to face its integration into a civic front as the exPresident has in her last speeches, published Pagina 12.

'We believe that Cristina represents a great part of the rank and file, let us give that a territorial organization', explained one of the participants.

The current already has the support today of 17 sectors, although 'it is something open, in construction'. They don't see in the meeting that something foundational is coming, but an organizing instance of something that already exists today but is disseminated, added the source.

The former head of State will be the only speaker of the meeting that will be attended by two thousand leaders of those political spaces that make up for now the CFK as La Campora, Nuevo Encuentro, Kolina, Miles, Peronismo Militante, Movimiento Nacional Alfonsinista, among others.

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