Yafai stuns defending champion Veitía at AIBA World Championships

England's Galal Yafai recorded a unanimous victory at the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Men's World Championships to stun flyweight top seed and defending champion Yosvany Veitía of Cuba.

The 26-year-old Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games light flyweight champion triumphed against Veitía in the flyweight round-of-16. 

He now faces Billal Bennama of France, who caused shockwaves around the venue when he knocked home favourite Vasilii Egorov out of the competition with a unanimous win. 

Uzbekistan's Shakhobidin Zoirvov, the Rio 2016 Olympic flyweight champion, also progressed into the quarter-final.

He defeated Azat Usenaliev of Kyrgyzstan 5-0 and will now fight Daniel Asenov of Bulgaria. 

The division's fifth seed secured a unanimous victory against Michael Angeletti of the United States.

In the light welterweight division, Cuba's defending champion and two-times Pan American Games gold medallist Andy Cruz eased past Zakir Safiullin of Kazakhstan by unanimous decision. 

Cruz has a tough challenge next against Russia's Ilia Popov, who beat Harry Garside of Australia 4-1. 

European champion Muslim Gadzhimagomedov, red,  got past David Nyika of New Zealand ©Yekaterinburg 2019
European champion Muslim Gadzhimagomedov, red, got past David Nyika of New Zealand ©Yekaterinburg 2019

France's Sofiane Oumiha, lightweight world champion in 2017, progressed in his new division with a 4-1 result against Bakhodur Usmonov of Tajikistan.

His next opponent will be Keyshawn Davis of the United States, a unanimous victor over Michael Alexander of Trinidad and Tobago. 

The afternoon session concluded with the heavyweight division. 

European champion Muslim Gadzhimagomedov delighted the Russian supporters when he was named the unanimous winner over David Nyika of New Zealand. 

The Uzbekistan fans were not so happy when second seed Sanjar Tursunov was defeated by Sanjeet Sanjeet of India 4-1. 

Gadzhimagomedov will now face England's Cheavon Clarke, who overcame Armenia's Henrik Sargsyan 3-1, while Sanjeet comes up against Julio Castillo of Ecuador, a unanimous victor against Ádám Hámori of Hungary. 

Cuban defending champion and top seed Erislandy Savón dominated with a 5-0 result against Sweden's Alexander Bwambale.

Comepetition continues tomorrow with the quarter-finals in all eight weight classes.

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Cuba President Continues Working Tour of Cuban Provinces

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel praised the way the western province of Pinar del Río has reacted in the implementation of the measures to mitigate the difficult energy situation that the island is experiencing.

Speaking with local authorities on Monday, he acknowledged the measures undertaken by that territory to guarantee the vitality of services, the processing and distribution of food and also agriculture, despite the limitations imposed by the U.S. blockade on the island´s people.

Responsible for nearly 70 percent of Cuban tobacco production, Pinar del Río is approaching the beginning of the campaign in which it should cover 19,890 hectares with tobacco plants.

“This has been an exercise in real time for situations of a certain complexity, he said, and ‘it has allowed us to face the deficiencies, prepare and systematize solutions,’ he added.

The Cuban head of state also visited the neighboring western province of Artemisa, where he acknowledged its preparation for the current energy situation

In an encounter with local party and government authorities, he noted the coherence of the work done in the province and pointed to the innovative use of personnel currently without work content being assigned as inspectors to support public transportation.

Díaz-Canel said that the Cuban people is going to emerge stronger from this situation because ‘in the same measure that solutions are found in the permanent reserve of creativity that we have, we will be better citizens, better revolutionaries and better public servants of the nation,’ he stressed. Since the announcement of the energy difficulties last week, Miguel Diaz-Canel is touring the island´s provinces to oversee the implementation of the measures adopted to mitigate the fuel deficit, and to hear feedback on initiatives adopted by local authorities.

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French Congressman Lambert labels Blockade on Cuba Unacceptable

French Congressman Francois-Michel Lambert said today that the economic blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba is unacceptable and deserves international rejection.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the legislator for the southern department of Bouches-du-Rhone stated that this measure cannot be accepted due to its impact on the population and its extraterritorial character, expressed in the recently activated Title III of the Helms-Burton Law.

'The blockade causes difficulties for a normal life on the island and it is the people who suffer most,' he said in this capital shortly after receiving Abel Prieto in the National Assembly.

According to the president of the France-Cuba Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, the tightening of the siege by Donald Trump's administration must be fought, taking into account its reach beyond the Greater Antilles.

We want to organize in France and in Europe a counteroffensive against the blockade and Title III, said the representative in the National Assembly of the group Liberties and Territories, who stated as a concrete objective to organize a meeting of parliamentarians.

According to the politician, there is still no definite date for the project that would bring together -preferably before the end of 2019- legislators from France and countries of the old continent, as well as Members of the European Parliament against that U.S. policy.

In Lambert's opinion, one thing to highlight in the case of the US blockade is that in France this measure is clearly rejected regardless of political positions.

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Cuba and Liberia to strengthen bilateral ties

The will to strengthen relations between Cuba and Liberia was ratified today during the meeting held by the Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rogelio Sierra, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the African country, Henry B. Fahnbulleh.

During the friendly meeting, both sides committed themselves to strengthening bilateral relations in the political-diplomatic and cooperation fields.

They also exchanged on issues of mutual interest at the regional and international levels, according to the report sent from Monrovia to the MINREX site.

Fahnbulleh was accompanied by several officials of the Liberian Foreign Ministry, while on the Cuban side was present the Cuban Charge d'Affaires in Liberia, Osvaldo Cobacho.

The Republic of Liberia has kept good diplomatic and political relations with Cuba since its establishment on April 19, 1974.

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Vietnam will continue supporting Cuba

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc said today that his country will continue supporting Cuba to overcome difficulties, particularly in the provision of food and the use of its development potential.

The pronouncement came during the reception in Hanoi to Army Corps General Alvaro Lopez Miera, first vice minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).

According to Prensa Latina (PL) News Agency, Nguyen Xuan Phuc pointed out that his country has always been against the US blockade on the Caribbean island and will maintain that position.

He added that Vietnam closely follows each step forward in Cuba and will be faithful to the relations of fraternal friendship sown by Ho Chi Minh and Fidel Castro, which is cultivated today by the two Communist Parties, armies and peoples.

For his part, the head of the FAR General Staff praised the progress of the Asian nation and expressed Cuba's interest in taking advantage of its experiences in economics and in specific areas such as food production.

During his stay in Vietnam, Lopez Miera also met with the Minister of National Defense, General Ngo Xuan Lich, and with Colonel General Phan Van Giang, 1st Deputy Minister of that portfolio and current Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People´s Army.

As part of these exchanges, both parties discussed issues related to defense cooperation for this and the coming years, as well as the political, economic and social situation of each country.


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First Exhibition of Cuba in Moscow to kick off tomorrow

The Cuba Chamber of Commerce organizes the First National Exhibition of Cuba in Moscow, to be held from September 18 - 20, 2019, in Expocentre- the largest fairground of the Russian capital.

In an area of 600 square meters, about fifty Cuban entities will promote the export of their products and services, as well as the presentation of foreign investment projects with greater opportunities in the Russian market of the main sectors of the Cuban economy, including agro-industry; food and drinks; science, technology and environment; medical services; products, services and technologies of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry; culture, mining and energy, tourism, construction and services.

In that same context it will take place the 10th Session of the Cuba-Russia Business Committee, which provides for the realization of a Business Forum and the signing of the Action Plan for the period 2019–20.

The Cuban Exhibition in Moscow is part of the activities for the 60th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and Russia that will be commemorated next year.

This exhibition is an expression of the close economic and commercial ties between these two countries.

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Cuban President reiterates support for Venezuela

Havana, September  17 (RHC)-- President Miguel Diaz-Canel assured that Cuba supports Venezuela as a friendly country, as a sister revolution but cannot influence its decisions or its determination to overcome its difficulties.

Speaking in Pinar del Rio on Monday, the Cuban leader added that the island´s doctors, teachers, sports and cultural workers there favor the advance of that nation, "but we don't force Venezuelans to defend their revolution, nor do we have 25,000 soldiers based there, as they say."

The Cuban president noted that the Trump Administration has created the matrix of opinion that the failure in Venezuela has to do with Cuba

“They say that we misbehave, as if they had morals to evaluate the behavior of our country,” he added.

Diaz-Canel recalled that Washington has increased the persecution of shipping companies and oil suppliers which has caused an energy crisis in Cuba with impacts on the economy.

“What we are witnessing is a maneuver loaded with arrogance and much hypocrisy. They say they worry about the suffering of the Cuban people, when in fact, if there is one burden the men and women of this land suffer, is the decades-long blockade ' concluded Díaz-Canel.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares
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Cuba: under Siege, but Fearless

Cubans usually make a mockery of their own problems. It is a natural gift to solve with humor every hardship we face.

“Let the girl get in first. Help the pregnant woman. Take good care of old men and women. Let’s squeezed together a bit! As the song goes: “step by step.” Let’s help each other. Squeezed, but relaxed. Step on the gas, driver!

Dealing with transportation these days is like going out there into a battlefield with sensitivity, patience, and trust as your only protective shields. The U.S. blockade hurts once again. The Empire is there. It is all over again, this time his name is (Donald) Trump.

The full implementation of the Helms-Burton Act jeopardizes the arrival of diesel to the country with the purpose of triggering distrust, fear, and havoc in the Cuban society. Bus stops are busy. Buses do not show up. Workers, students, old men, women, and children are losing valuable time just waiting. Once again the Cuban people have decided to resist. Once again the Cuban people have decided to trust.

Before such temporary situation, the President of the Council of State and Minister Miguel Diaz-Canel announced a list of measures that are being implemented to ease the energy situation. In this regard, he suggested being creative, following strict discipline, and finding effective solutions to problems. These are times to confirm our revolutionary ideals and principles, and put Cuba as the top priority. These are times of solidarity, which makes us different worldwide.

“The best way to sort problems out is to tell people the truth,” stated the President. And the truth of Cuba lies on its people, history, and present time even though major foreign media strive hard to silence it.

The Cuban press removed any trace of fake news regarding alleged extreme measures and a regression to the Special Period in times of peace, and echoed a campaign against the U.S. blockade and aggressions. Our journalists and civil society quickly reported, contextualized, and became essential in the information management in every platform.

Restricting basic needs and discrediting the Cuban revolutionary government in every scenario are some of the failed attempts of the U.S. government to make the Cuban people and its Revolution kneel down.

The Minister of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil stated in the information TV program Mesa Redonda that there is going to be a very different situation as soon as in October, especially with the arrival of new oil tankers at Cuban ports. Up until then, it is very important to keep discipline in the compliance with administrative standards which aimed at softening the energy crisis as well as facing the current situation with sympathy and solidarity.

Our enemies should have learned, once and for all, that Cubans do not fear threats. And our response to every attack will be always the same: We shall never surrender!

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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