Who can Bridled Donald Trump?

Apparently, like a psycho, the current emperor has redesigned the world political map according to the immeasurable limits of his megalomania and paranoia.

Branded by the United States government as the main fake news spreaders, social networks, Facebook and Twitter, recently announced the launch of several measures to brake the misinformation that thrives on their servers.

Hence only a year to the presidential elections in the U.S., Facebook is preparing not to repeat again the 2016 mistakes and debacle, with a plan to avoid international interference.

"We have a responsibility to deter any abuse and interference on our platform," said the group commanded by Mark Zuckerberg.

To reach this goal, the social network is testing a user profile verification system with a sort of video-selfie, which implies facial recognition and that, he believes, could be a 0brake on fake accounts.

On the other hand, a little less than a week ago, and having the same intention, Twitter published that, as of November 22nd it will no longer spread political advertising anywhere in the world.

"Although internet advertising is incredibly powerful and very effective for commercial advertising companies, that power brings about significant risks in politics," said Jack Dorsey, co-founder and president of the company, in a tweet.

Undoubtedly, the new policies, from both Facebook and Twitter, will help to contain the flow of what has been called euphemistically post-truth, and avoid international interference that, according to the United States government, influenced in the 2016 elections.

To please the continuous pressures of the Congress in this regard, in recent months both networks have closed hundreds of pages and user accounts of alleged enemies that "influence" the U.S. elections; however, it remains to be seen what the policy of these networks will be for the fake news generated by people like the U.S. president, Donald Trump.

It’s no secret to anyone that most of the fake news of the U.S. presidential campaign in 2016 was spread by Trump's campaign advisors.

Donald Trump raised false statements like that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama founded ISIS or that Obama was born in Kenya, information that was published "as statements of the Republican candidate" in the traditional media.

According to the study «Media and Post-truth: Analysis of Fake News in U.S. Presidential Elections of 2016 », by Priscilla Muñoz Sanhueza, the election process was tainted by a shroud of fake news, which had its peak from August 2016 until elections day, where more fabricated information was shared on Facebook than the "True" (which, for the most part, favored Donald Trump).

The same study recalls that the mythomania of the current president is nothing new: «There are records that since 2011 he began to question Obama's country of birth on television and Twitter, quoting alleged sources and websites like WND.com and FreedomOutpost.com , which are characterized by publishing fake news (Maheshwari, 2017) ».

It’s also memorable the sayings of the Republican like: “in New Jersey was celebrated the 9/11 attack; that his commercial empire began with a "small loan" from his father, when he inherited forty million dollars ».

In March 2017, again using Twitter, he accused Barack Obama of having ordered to spy on him in October 2016, tapping the telephones of his operations center, without delivering any evidence, which was denied by a spokesman for the former president.

As if that weren’t enough, in April 2019, The Washington Post published a report that assured that after 800 days in office, the U.S. president had made more than 10,000 "fake or misleading" statements.

If anyone still doubts about this personal characteristic of the current White House owner, just have to review the contents of Trump's last intervention during the 74th Session at the United Nations Assembly.

What can be done when even the so-called quality press remains silent, with complicity, before Trump's cynical lies about Iran, China, Venezuela or Cuba.

For those who witnessed the intervention of the U.S. ambassador to the UN, regarding the vote on a bill against the Blockade of Cuba, there’s no doubt that, in Donald Trump’s imperial era, lies have taken over truth.

Apparently, like a psycho, the current emperor has redesigned the world political map according to the immeasurable limits of his megalomania and paranoia.

Regarding this last trait of his personality, more than once he has summoned, as if they were federal companies, the owners of the social networks to accuse them of censoring his person or the supporters of conservative thinking that took him to the oval office.

It’s worth wondering: If Trump manages to survive, regardless of his lies, the impeachment to which the Democrats attempt to submit him, can anyone dare to put a bridle of honesty on him?

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Donald Trump's Decision To Pardon War Crimes Send "Disturbing Signal", Says UN

Geneva, Switzerland: The UN on Tuesday harshly criticised President Donald Trump's decision to pardon three US service members accused of war crimes as a "disturbing signal" to military forces worldwide.

"These three cases involve serious violations of international humanitarian law, both proven and alleged, including the shooting of a group of civilians and execution of a captured member of an armed group," UN rights office spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters.

Trump on Friday pardoned a former soldier convicted of murder and a Green Beret charged with killing a suspected Taliban bomb-maker, defying warnings that it would be an abuse of the powers afforded him under the US Constitution.

Trump dismissed a second degree murder conviction against Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance, who is six years into a 19-year term for ordering soldiers in 2012 to fire on three unarmed Afghan men, two of whom died.

He granted clemency to West Point graduate Matt Golsteyn, an ex-member of the elite US Army Green Berets, charged with premeditated murder in the shooting death of an alleged Taliban bomb-maker in 2010.

The president also reversed the demotion of Edward Gallagher, a 15-year Navy Seal accused of stabbing to death a wounded teenage Islamic State prisoner in Iraq, and of other killings of civilians.

Gallagher was cleared of the most serious charges in July but was convicted of posing with the slain fighter's body in a group picture with other SEALs.

Colville issuing pardons to people suspected of committing war crimes was "very troubling".

"I don't believe there have been pardons of this type in the United States since the Vietnam war," he said.

He pointed out that under international humanitarian law, there is an "obligation to investigate violations and prosecute war crimes."

Colville said the US military justice system had been complying those obligations, but the pardons "run against the letter and the spirit of international law which requires accountability."

"While pardons exist in international law, and can properly address issues of injustice or unfairness, in the present cases no circumstances have been advanced to suggest anything other than simply voiding the otherwise proper process of law in the cases," he said.

"These pardons send a disturbing signal to military forces all around the world," he warned.

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North Korea "No longer interested" In Summits With US: Report

SEOUL: North Korea is "no longer interested" in summits with the US unless Washington offers new concessions in their nuclear negotiations, Pyongyang said Monday, hours after Donald Trump hinted at the prospect.

"You should act quickly, get the deal done," Trump tweeted Sunday, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. "See you soon!"

Kim and Trump have met three times since June last year, but talks have been gridlocked since their Hanoi summit in February broke up in disagreement over sanctions relief, while October's working-level talks rapidly broke down in Sweden.

Pyongyang has set Washington a deadline of the end of the year to come forward with a fresh offer, and foreign ministry advisor Kim Kye Gwan said the US was stalling while "pretending it has made progress".

He interpreted Trump's tweet as a signal for a new summit, he said in a statement carried by state news agency KCNA, but declared: "We are no longer interested in such talks that bring nothing to us."

"We will no longer gift the US president with something he can boast of," he went on, adding the North should be compensated for the "successes" that President Trump touted as his own achievements.

The implied criticism of Trump by name is a departure for Pyongyang, which has long limited its frustration to other administration officials.

Last month, adviser Kim declared: "Contrary to the political judgment and intention of President Trump, Washington political circles and DPRK policymakers of the US administration are hostile to the DPRK for no reason," using the initials of North Korea's official name.

In September he was fulsome in his praise for the US leader, saying that Trump was "different from his predecessors" and that he placed his hopes in "President Trump's wise option and bold decision".

But as the North's deadline approaches it has issued a series of increasingly assertive statements -- while also carrying out a number of weapons launches.

Washington should withdraw its "hostile policy" if it wants dialogue to continue, Kim said Monday, without elaborating further.

Trump's tweet came after Washington and Seoul agreed to postpone annual joint aerial exercises to create space for diplomacy with Pyongyang, which condemns such drills as preparations for invasion.

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Trump 'likes the idea' of testifying in impeachment 'hoax' to get Congress 'focused'

US President Donald Trump may testify in impeachment hearings after all, he tweeted, calling House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bluff after she broached the idea - though he also deemed the proceedings a “no due process hoax.”

The president has warmed to the idea of testifying in the “phony impeachment Witch Hunt,” he tweeted on Monday, explaining that “even though I did nothing wrong, and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!”

Crediting his change of mind to “Crazy, Do Nothing Speaker of the House, Nervous Nancy Pelosi,” Trump hinted he might testify in writing - after weeks of railing against the proceedings and declaring he did not want to “give credibility to a corrupt witch hunt.”


Our Crazy, Do Nothing (where’s USMCA, infrastructure, lower drug pricing & much more?) Speaker of the House, Nervous Nancy Pelosi, who is petrified by her Radical Left knowing she will soon be gone (they & Fake News Media are her BOSS), suggested on Sunday’s DEFACE THE NATION....


....that I testify about the phony Impeachment Witch Hunt. She also said I could do it in writing. Even though I did nothing wrong, and don’t like giving credibility to this No Due Process Hoax, I like the idea & will, in order to get Congress focused again, strongly consider it!

The president has a point - little legislating is happening with the impeachment inquiry sucking up all the oxygen in the Capitol. However, it’s not entirely the House’s fault - at least one bill he tweeted about, concerning drug pricing, has already had a death sentence pronounced upon it by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who vowed to kill the “socialist” bill.

Also on rt.com ‘I should not be impeached!’ Trump says Kiev confirmed Ukrainegate is a non-story, and here’s what he’s referring to (VIDEO)...

Trump has released transcripts of two calls with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to combat allegations he withheld military aid in order to pressure Ukraine into reopening a corruption probe targeting natural gas company Burisma Holdings, and none of the witnesses who have testified before the impeachment committee have been able to point to firsthand knowledge of the alleged quid pro quo. But House Democrats have hinted they will bring other presidential misdeeds into evidence, including deeming a disparaging tweet during a witness’ testimony “intimidation.”


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Pelosi Says Trump Is 'In Her Wheelhouse' If He Tries to 'Intimidate' Whistleblower

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in an interview on CBS' "Face The Nation" on Sunday that US President Donald Trump is "in her wheelhouse'' if he tries to ''intimidate'' the whistleblower, the major ''witness'' in the ongoing impeachment probe against the president.

"I will make sure he does not intimidate the whistleblower. I told the president, "you're in my wheelhouse when you come after the whistleblower", Pelosi said.

Trump has numerous times requested the House Committee, publicly and on his Twitter, to disclose the identity of the so-called whistleblower, who alleged that during his 25 July conversation with Wolodymir Zelensky the president ''put pressure'' on his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate into potential corruption crimes involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine.

The whistleblower has preferred to act on the condition of anonymity, but it turned out later that the information he provided about the phone call was, in fact, "something he heard from somebody else".

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North Korea Not Interested in December Peace Talks with US

“If the negotiated solution of issues is possible, we are ready to meet with the U.S. at any place and any time,” Kim Myong Gil said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

North Korea said on Thursday it has been offered a fresh meeting with the United States, but is uninterested in more talks aimed at “appeasing us” ahead of a year-end deadline Pyongyang has set for Washington to show more flexibility in their negotiations.

RELATED: North Korea Breaks off Nuclear Talks With US in Sweden

Kim Myong Gil, the North’s nuclear negotiator, said in a report carried by state media that Stephen Biegun, his U.S. counterpart who jointly led last month’s failed denuclearization talks in Stockholm, had offered through a third country to meet again.

Kim and Biegun met last month in the Swedish capital for the first time since U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed in June to re-open negotiations that have been stalled since a failed summit in Vietnam in February.

But the meeting fell apart, with Kim saying the U.S. side failed to present a new approach.

“If the negotiated solution of issues is possible, we are ready to meet with the U.S. at any place and any time,” Kim Myong Gil said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency.

But he called Biegun’s proposal a “sinister aim of appeasing us in a bid to pass with ease” Pyongyang’s year-end deadline. “We have no willingness to have such negotiations.”

North Korea has been seeking a lifting of punishing sanctions, but the United States has insisted Kim Jong Un must dismantle his nuclear weapons program first.

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Donald Trump and the U.S.’s Involve in the Coup in Bolivia

The United States government, prone to assess the rest of the world with guarantees and lists, even when no one has requested their opinion, finally broke its deafening silence about Bolivia’s latest events.

They did so 24 hours after the terror enforced by the fascist hordes of the opposition, with the conspiratorial betrayal of military police forces, compelled the stepping down from office of President Evo Morales.

According to press dispatches, on Monday, Donald Trump, welcomed the resignation of the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, which he labeled as "a strong signal" to the "illegitimate" regimens of Venezuela and Nicaragua , and praised the role of Bolivian military.

"The United States praises the Bolivian people for demanding freedom and the Bolivian military for complying with their oath to protect not only one person, but the Constitution of Bolivia," said Trump in a statement.

These events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail."

Trump's statements took place while the police and military in Alto, La Paz and other Bolivian cities repressed MAS supporters to prevent them from taking to the streets in support of their president.

While Saturday and Sunday paramilitary forces killed and harassed indigenous and poor settlers, threatened to kill the relatives of members of the government, torched or looted the houses of officials, including that of President Evo, neither the United States, nor its political instrument, the OAS cared a bit about the defense of the Constitution.

The "strong signal" sent by Trump cannot be more powerful, not just for Venezuela and Nicaragua, but for the entire world. Firstly, it means an overt support to those who many even within the United States consider a coup d’état.

Democratic congressmen from the United States Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar described the situation Bolivia is living as a coup d’état.

"What is happening in Bolivia right now it’s not democracy, it’s a coup d’état," Ocasio-Cortez wrote in his Twitter account.

On the other hand, Omar said
:"There's a word for the President of a country being pushed out by the military," she wrote on Twitter. "It's called a coup."

Likewise, and immediately after Evo Morales’s resignation, the United States Socialism and Liberation Party accused the U.S. imperialism of being the sponsor of the coup in Bolivia, and expressed his solidarity with the people of that South American nation.

The pretext put forward to muscle Evo Morales out of the presidency: "that he is a dictator who wants to perpetuate himself in power" a huge lie that only exists on the front pages of the newspapers in the hands of the oligarchy.

The relations between Washington and La Paz worsened since the arrival in office of president Morales, using as pretext their defense of indigenous coca growers. According to official U.S. data, assistance to Bolivia began to dwindle in 2007 and ceased in 2013, when Evo expelled the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) because of its interference and subversive nature.

Although, after Trump's arrival to the White House, Bolivia had been excluded from the list of dictatorships proclaimed by John Bolton. It’s no secret to anyone that the country was a pebble in the United States shoe, besides nationalizing its natural resources, for the invariably anti-imperialist position of its president.

If there were any traces of doubts about the North American involvement in the coup, audio files recently published by the Bolivian press confirmed the opposition's collusion with the representatives in the Senate of the Cuban-American mafia Bob Menéndez, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

The latter, considered by Trump as his brain for Latin American matters, oddly, neither on Sunday nor Monday had he heard about what happened in Bolivia and only until a few minutes before the end of this comment he praised on Twitter the role played by the OAS to justify the coup.

The message sent by the U.S. administration can’t be clearer: fascist coups, based on terror and crime, are their best weapons to defend "democracy."

Trump Threatens Venezuela And Nicaragua After Coup in Bolivia

The U.S. president also stated his support for the Bolivian military's role in the coup.

United States President Donald Trump has issued threats Monday against the governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua after Sunday’s coup against President Evo Morales in Bolivia.

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"The resignation yesterday of Bolivian President Evo Morales is a significant moment for democracy in the Western Hemisphere,” Trump said in a statement published on the White House’s website, adding that “these events send a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua that democracy and the will of the people will always prevail."

The U.S. president also stated his support for the Bolivian military's role in the coup Monday saying that “the United States applauds the Bolivian people for demanding freedom and the Bolivian military for abiding by its oath to protect not just a single person, but Bolivia’s constitution.”

Following Trump's threatening comments, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said his country is prepared to face the imperialist offensive.

"We are going to fight for peace, for the homeland, for sovereignty and for the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. The victory belongs to us and we will show it on the streets in a military-civic union,” Maduro declared

Venezuela and Nicaragua are currently suffering from harsh economic and commercial sanctions imposed by the U.S., which are illegal under international law.

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