Venezuelan President Pleads for Dialogue against Coup Attempts

President Nicolas Maduro reiterated the willingness to dialogue with the opposition, against attempted coup d''etat established from sectors adverse to the Bolivarian Government.

During the delivery of the national journalism awards held on Thursday at the Miraflores Palace, seat of the government, the president said that the negotiation process will continue for peaceful coexistence and a democratic solution to the political crisis in the country.

With the mediation of the Kingdom of Norway, the Venezuelan government participated in a rapprochement with opposition factions in Oslo, with 'advances that will be revealed in coming days,' Maduro said.

The president criticized the subordination of the main representatives of the national right to the designs of the US hostile policy against Venezuela, and stated that the decisions of the opposition leadership are taken from Washington.

Maduro assured that the Bolivarian Revolution will maintain efforts for the political stability and social happiness, at the same time he pleaded to apply justice to those who conspire against the tranquility of the nation.

After several months of intelligence work, Venezuelan authorities frustrated and unveiled this week a new coup d'etat plan that included the assassination of Nicolas Maduro, as well as other representatives of Venezuela's political and top military command.

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U.S. suspends flights between the U.S. and Venezuela

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday ordered the suspension of all passenger and cargo flights between the United States and Venezuela, citing reports of unrest and violence around airports in the South American country.

In a letter to the Transportation Department requesting the halt, the Department of Homeland Security said “conditions in Venezuela threaten the safety and security of passengers, aircraft, and crew traveling to or from that country.”

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‘Duly elected leader’: Pompeo echoes falsehood about Venezuela’s Guaido

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo repeated the false claim that US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido is the ‘duly elected leader’ of Venezuela. Apparently he reads CNN.

Speaking in London after his meeting with UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Pompeo told reporters that Venezuelans had chosen Guaido to lead them.

“The Venezuelan people have spoken through through constitutional mechanism, they have put Juan Guaido as their interim president, and he is the duly elected leader there,” Pompeo said, adding that “Maduro is on borrowed time.”

Not only did Guiado not win the presidential election in May 2018, he didn’t even run; the opposition boycotted the race. On the basis of a legal technicality, Guaido declared himself “interim president” in January, and was recognized by a number of countries, including the US and many of its allies.

In a recently corrected story, CNN also said Guaido had won an election, but claimed it was in January. There was no election in January, at least not in Venezuela.

Also on Fake news alert: CNN says Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido 'won election in January'...

Pompeo at the same presser also lectured leaders, including Jeremy Corbyn, who refused to take up the hostile US State Department line on Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

“It is disgusting to see leaders in not only the United Kingdom, but in the United states as well, who continue to support the murderous dictator Maduro,” Pompeo replied, adding that “no leader in a country with Western democratic values ought to stand behind” Maduro.

The Guaido-led opposition attempted a military coup in late April, but failed to inspire mass defections from the security forces. The uprising fizzled out within 36 hours.

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