US Fails to Overthrow Venezuela, Minister Says

Caracas, May 15 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said Wednesday that the United States ''has once again made a mistake in its calculations and once again failed'' in its attempt to overthrow the country's institutions.

The military chief affirmed on Twitter that the civic-military union of Venezuelans guarantees resistance to Washington's continuous aggressions.

He also said that the South American country resists safeguarding freedom and independence and has as its precept 'not to accept tutelage or imperial masters.

In this regard, the Minister along with the Commander in Chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), Nicolas Maduro, decorated the soldiers who acted against the April 30 coup attempt.

In the ceremony Padrino declared that 'recognition will not be enough for the comrades in arms, who face pure fascism, the most rancid violence of the oligarchies'.

The Minister emphasized that the Venezuelan soldiers defend the people from the aggressions of the U.S. government, 'whose atrocity and voracity to obtain the wealth of the national territory does not measure consequences in its failed unconventional war.

In this regard, he insisted on the need to preserve republican life in peace, and for this he emphasized that the FANB besides unity and strength in equipment and operational readiness, cannot lose consciousness and morality to defend Venezuelan sovereignty.

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Venezuelan army disavows self-proclaimed leader, will defend national sovereignty – defense minister

The Venezuelan military will not accept a president imposed by “dark interests,” Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said after Washington and a number of its allies recognized a lawmaker as the new leader in Caracas.

The army will continue to defend the constitution and national sovereignty, Padrino said on Wednesday afternoon, hours after opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido was proclaimed interim president by the National Assembly, in a direct challenge to President Nicolas Maduro.

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The US quickly recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader, with the Organization of American States (OAS) following Washington’s lead. Canada and France have also recognized Guaido, while Mexico has declined to do so “for now.”

Bolivia declared "solidarity with the people of Venezuela and brother Nicolas Maduro" in resisting the "claws of imperialism" in South America, President Evo Morales tweeted.

Maduro responded to the US announcement by cutting diplomatic ties with Washington and giving American diplomats 72 hours to leave Venezuela.

Also on Venezuela breaking diplomatic relations with US after its attempt to stage coup – President Maduro...

Guaido, however, countermanded that in a tweet and promised that Venezuela “will continue to maintain diplomatic relations with all the countries of the world.”

The issue of diplomats has raised the stakes in the US-Venezuela confrontation, as Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) – one of the driving forces behind the recognition of Guaido – argued that US diplomats should stay put, since leaving would mean recognition of Maduro’s legitimacy.

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Venezuela's Armed Forces Voice Unwavering Support to President,Gov't

Caracas, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino condemned the failed assassination attempt against Nicolas Maduro and voiced the Armed Forces' unwavering support to the President and the Government.

Addressing the nation on national television from Tiuna Fortress, Padrino said the attack on Saturday evening 'reached a very dangerous extreme'.

The attempt was concocted to destroy, behead a whole State. Leading public figures, the military high command, representatives of the people were at the event, said the General in Chief.

Maduro was delivering the closing speech on the 81st Anniversary of the National Guard on Saturday early evening when two drones loaded with explosives blew up close to the platform from where he was speaking. Seven guards got wounded and are being treated in hospital.

After conveying sympathy for those wounded, the Miniter they are being taken care of and are recovering well.

Several hours after the failed attack, Maduro denounced on national television it was a plot of the Venezuelan-Colombian-Miami ultra right wing, and particularly mentioned Colombia's outgoing president Juan Manuel Santos of being behind the assassination attempt.

'We have been 20 years resisting perversity, moral degration of sectors of the Venezuelan ultra right wing that keep resorting to violence to

dismember a democratic state,' stressed General Padrino who assured the Armed Forces will defend and protect sovereignty, peace and order.

Six of the perpetrators were captured right after the assassination attempt, several vehicles were seized and raids have been carried out in hotels of Caracas where criminal and video evidences of alleged collaborators were taken by police investigators, said Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace Nestor Reverol.

Speaking on national television on Sunday Reverol added two of the arrested were involved in previous violent actions like the assault on Paramacay Fort, in Carabobo, in August 2017, and the other was apprehended in 2014 for taking part in the violence unleashed by the right wing. He was granted pardon.

The Minister said the two drones used were model DJIM600, designed for industry use to lift and carry weight. They were carrying roughly a kilogram of C4 explosive each. The explosive charge was capable of doing effective damage in a radio of approximately of 50 meters, the official said.

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza summoned on Sunday diplomats accredited in Venezuela to explained the event and provide details of the attack.

Arreaza called on the diplomats to convey the truth to their governments and reject attacks from the national and international right wing against the Bolivarian nation.

Those who doubted about conspiracy, here there's another prove,' said the Foreign Minister, adding 'what happened on Saturday set the alerts off and shows we have been suffering attacks at several levels.'

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Venezuelan Army Calls Removal of Bolivar and Chavez Pictures an "Insult"

CARACAS - The National Bolivarian Armed Forces, or FANB, expressed its "deep indignation" Thursday over the removal of the portraits of Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez from the Venezuelan National Assembly, or AN, on the order of Henry Ramos Allup, president of the now opposition-dominated Legislature.

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