US to help ‘legitimate Latin American govts’ to PREVENT protests from ‘morphing into riots’ – Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the US will help "legitimate governments" in Latin America in order to prevent protests from "morphing into riots.”

Pompeo made the comments while delivering remarks at the University of Louisville on Monday.

He declared that US policy in Latin America is based on “moral and strategic clarity,” meaning Washington “cannot tolerate” regimes it deems unsatisfactory in the region.

Pompeo said that protests in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador reflect the "character of legitimate democratic governments and democratic expression" and that governments in the region should respect that.

We’ll work with legitimate governments to prevent protests from morphing into riots and violence that don’t reflect the democratic will of the people.

“Diplomatic Realism, Restraint, and Respect in Latin America”...

Pompeo added that the US will "continue to support countries trying to prevent Cuba and Venezuela from hijacking those protests." He also accused Russia of “malign” influence in Latin America and of “propping up” the democratically elected Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro.

The eyebrow-raising comments come in wake of the November coup in Bolivia, which saw socialist President Evo Morales ousted while violent protests and attacks on politicians forced him to leave the country. Opposition leader Jeanine Anez has since declared herself an "interim president." The opposition-led protests began over alleged election irregularities.

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Pompeo’s distinctively frank comments are an admission of sorts that the US will encourage violent protests and regime change where it deems a government to be illegitimate, but will work to quash anti-government sentiment in countries it sees as obedient allies.

While the US wholeheartedly supported the Bolivian coup, as well as coup attempts in Venezuela earlier this year, it has all but ignored anti-government protests in Chile, where it blames "malign" Russian and Chinese influence.

In both Venezuela and Bolivia, Washington supports the unelected self-declared “interim presidents.”

Pompeo concluded by saying there remains an "awful lot of work to do" in the region, referring to Latin America as the US's "back yard." He also warned against “predatory Chinese activities” in the region, which he claimed can lead countries to make deals that "seem attractive" but are "bad" for citizens.

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The Blockade against Cuba which According to Washington doesn’t Exist

On several occasions the propaganda of the United States has said that the blockade against Cuba does not exist.

But life proves exactly the opposite, while Donald Trump announces his intention to reinforce it.

The penultimate evidence was told this Tuesday in Miami by a journalist from El Nuevo Herald, Nora Gámez Torres.

The U.S. government “punished” the Corporation Panamericana S.A., because they helped Cubans alleviate the blockade on the oil supply.

Excuse? Working as intermediary so that certain amounts of that oil reached Cuban territory.

The event was so rude that Gámez Torres commented on the inclusion of that firm in Washington’s blacklist:

“It was executed by the Treasury Department despite being a Cuban company and without justifying it with the “embargo”.

They only grabbed the regulations related to the situation in Venezuela.

Another example, the journalist wrote, how far the Trump administration establishes a link between the two governments.

A statement from the Under Secretary of Treasury, Justin G. Muzinich, states:

"The Treasury continues to pursue evaders of sanctions to deny resources to the illegitimate Venezuelan regime."

On the other hand, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, at a press conference said on Tuesday that the new punishment "
"Today's action will further squeeze the illegal profit-making scheme Cuba carries out to help the illegitimate dictator Nicolas Maduro,".

It was in that context that the Florida senator, Marco Rubio took advantage of Washington's new punishment to demand his European allies to do more in relation to Venezuela and Cuba.

His implicit admission that they don’t, at least, as the rotten Senator Marco Rubio wishes them to do.

By cruel coincidences in life, almost at the same time that Pompeo and his senator spoke in Washington, the young Dylan Cruz died in Colombia.

He had been seriously injured by the police from Iván Duque, faithful allies of Pompeo and Rubio.

He was 18 years old and his deadly sin was to participate in a demonstration against the murderous and pro-North American regime that bleeds his nation.

Last Saturday he was hit on the head by a bomb launched by the police.

He died at the hospital on Monday while Pompeo and Rubio forged new plans against Cuba.

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Released e-mails implicate Mike Pompeo in Giuliani Ukraine scandal

Washington, November 26 (RHC)-- In Washington, released U.S. State Department e-mails further implicate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in President Donald Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals, Joe Biden and his son Hunter, which is at the center of the ongoing impeachment hearings. 

The documents show Pompeo repeatedly spoke to Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in March while Giuliani was orchestrating a smear campaign aimed at ousting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.

In more impeachment news, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, has been accused of meeting with a former Ukrainian prosecutor in Vienna in 2018. The prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, is a key figure in the Republicans’ attacks on Joe Biden and his son Hunter. 

Congressman Nunes has not confirmed participating in the meeting and has denied participating in the effort to dig up damaging information about the Bidens.

Edited by Ed Newman
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Cuban Foreign Minister denounces statement by Mike Pompeo against Cuban doctors

Havana, November 20 (RHC)-- Cuban Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, denounced on Tuesday statements by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who congratulated himself on the departure of Cuban doctors from Bolivia.

Rodriguez wrote on Twitter that Pompeo's objective was "to divert attention, mask the open U.S. intervention and interference in Bolivia, and fabricate new pretexts to increase aggression against Cuba.”

The U.S. official applauded the Bolivian coup authorities for the departure of the more than 700 Cuban doctors and health technicians who were providing their services in the South American country.

At a press conference, Pompeo said that "the Bolivian government announced on Friday the expulsion of hundreds of Cuban officials from their country. It was the right decision," Pompeo said, adding in Spanish: "Bravo Bolivia!

The statements of the Secretary of State are part of a smear campaign initiated by the U.S. government several months ago to discredit the humanitarian work of Cuban internationalists in various regions of the world.

Edited by Jorge Ruiz Miyares

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Thanks, close friends! Pompeo hails European allies for pinning blame on Tehran for Saudi oil attacks

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo heaped praise on America’s “close friends” – the UK, France, and Germany – after they toed the line and blamed Iran for the attacks on Saudi oil facilities – without providing any hard evidence.

Pompeo took to Twitter to thank the US allies in Europe for “their clear articulation of Iran’s sole responsibility” for what he called “the act of war against Saudi Arabia,” after the UK, France, and Germany, albeit belatedly, followed Washington’s lead and pinned the September 14 attacks on Saudi oil facilities on Tehran.

Pompeo, however, did not present any evidence to back his accusations. The incident and the subsequent blame game have resulted in soaring tensions in the region, with Tehran denying it was behind the attacks that briefly cut state oil giant Saudi Aramco’s daily output in half.

Earlier on Monday, the leaders of the three European powerhouses issued a joint statement, saying that there is “no other plausible explanation” than Iran being behind the attacks.

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Riyadh also sided with Washington, claiming that the weapons allegedly used by the rebels originated from Iran, and arguing that this proves Tehran’s key role in the assault.

Washington has used the attacks as a pretext for a massive military build-up at Iran’s doorstep, sending an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer armed with surface-to-air and Tomahawk cruise missiles to Saudi Arabia’s shores, and vowing to speed up the delivery of weapons and to send more troops to the Gulf to fend off “Iranian aggression.”

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As tensions flared up, Tehran said it would fight back until “the full destruction of any aggressor,” promising to shoot down any drones violating the nation’s airspace.

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Truths and Lies of the Cuban Medical Missions

The campaign of Donald Trump's government against Cuba reached levels verging on absurdity.

Now, Washington accuses Havana of earning money by "exploiting" and "enslaving" the Cuban doctors who work abroad. Paradoxes of politics: those who invented labor exploitation and founded their country on the pillars of pro-slavery laws, accusing others of practicing their methods. Therefore, it’s unknown if the United States accuses Cuba for the exploitation as such, or for apparent plagiarism of its government system.

But, it’s neither one nor the other.

What really happens is that the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, tweeted that they would reduce visas to Cuban officials related to the worldwide famous Cuban medical missions, on the grounds of the North American Law of Immigration and Nationality. Pompeo said that the Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, benefits with money by exploiting the professionals of the Cuban medicine.

Pompeo’s narrative begins from the exit of more than fourteen thousand professionals Cuban doctors from Brazil, after the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro. The United States affirms that Cuba keeps more than the 80% of the salaries dedicated to the doctors, on behalf of the countries benefitted with the missions. The Brazilian president blackmailed with the story that the Cuban medical mission could remain in Brazilian territory provided they gave its members 100% of the earnings and they equalize their studies with the norm of that country.

On top of that a demand on Miami courtrooms (of course, it had to be in Miami) of two supposed Cuban doctors against the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) accusing it of facilitating the creation of a "human traffic network" and "slavery" on behalf of the Cuban State. But PAHO – a branch of WHO -, it’s bewildered because this accusation was placed on the capital of Florida and not in Washington where the organization has its headquarters.

What lies in the background is the intention of using the system in motion by those against Cuba in that city dominated by senator Marco Rubio, to reply the accusations against the medical missions of Cuba, in harmony with the narrative of Donald Trump's government.

But, then does Cuba exploit its doctors? Do the Cuban government keeps more than half of their salary?

The first thing to be noticed is that the United States uses concepts like "exploitation" or "slavery" without really fully understanding their meaning.

For example, professional exploitation is, anywhere in the world, the promise of obtaining economic success studying an university majoring, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange, with the threat that, if you don't pay that money, the bank will keep your house and all your assets. That is a type of exploitation that suffer millions of young people in the United States who don’t have access to University because, it they do so, they would have to take two or three jobs with a lousy pay the bills. That, furthermore, is slavery.

In Cuba, anyone can study whatever they wish free of charge. All graduates from the School of Medical Sciences or from the Latin American School of Medicine had to starve in order to study in the best medical classrooms in the American continent.

How is this possible, being Cuba a poor country?

The answer is simple. Health services provided by the company Cuban Medical Services S.A., branch of the Ministry of Health, pay for the dreams of thousands.

Everybody knows that the Cuban medicine is quite prestigious, and that is because health in Cuba is seen as a right, and not as a commodity. For that reason for Mike Pompeo is really hard to believe that those Cuban doctors lend their services without expecting any profits. They are heroes in their country, and both them as their families have everything they need. The wealth they earn stays with them, with their relatives and to keep the dream of thousands of Cubans who support them, and hundreds of youngsters coming from third-world nations who study for free in Cuban universities.

On the other hand, in Mexico, the cost for a university diploma can reach up to a thousand monthly dollars. What about in the United States?…

But let’s Return to Cuba.

Cuba has kept for fifty years more than six hundred thousand medical missions in a hundred and sixty four countries, in which more than four hundred thousand health workers have collaborated. If two doctors recently occupy the anti-Cuban structure of Miami to try to throw dirt on the system that gave them school and healthcare, it’s not for free, but surely for some payment in return.

Cuban medical missions have fought the Ebola outbreak in Africa, the blindness in Latin America and the Caribbean; cholera in Haiti and twenty-six Groups of Specialized Doctors in Disasters and large outbreaks have been created to fight natural disasters in Pakistan, Mexico, Indonesia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Venezuela and so many others.

How much would it cost the United States to pay for that service?

Today, thousands of indigenous in the Brazilian Amazon die of curable illnesses due to the departure of Cuban doctors; of course, to those faraway places never want to go those who only study medicine to become millionaires with the medicines and the business of death.

Cuban medical missions have always gone to remote places and of difficult access; they are moved by a solidary calling and they would assist even the children of Trump and Bolsonaro.

Some similar happened to the Chilean ultra-conservative politician, Andrés Allamand, related to Cuba and its health system when his little son, of only four years old, suffered a neurological accident after falling in a pool:

"My wife and I receive a direct call from Fidel Castro where he offered us help in the treatment and recovery of our boy", said Allamand to the newspaper Cooperativa. The offer of help on behalf of the Cuban Commander in Chief "impressed me a lot."

The Chilean politician said: "The first time I spoke to him I told him that if he knew who I was, I told him that I was a leader from the opposition and he replied: 'I have everything absolutely clear and this has nothing to do with that' ".

Fidel "took my boy's recovery as something personal and he dedicated him some time for many years" (…) "My family and I have but the greatest human appreciation", said Allamand.

Hence, when in year 2003 Andrés' son Allamand died, the family decided "as a token of appreciation, to take his ashes to Cuba."

That is, of course, the true impression of the Cuban medicine. Not the one that wants to sell Pompeo, and the propaganda machine at his service.

‘We’re going to work towards that end’: Pompeo on inviting Russia back into G7

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo has said that the Trump administration, himself included, will make an effort to secure Russia’s return to the G7, as it is what US President Donald Trump thinks Washington should do.

Pompeo doubled down on Trump’s earlier statement that Russia, booted out of the cohort of the most industrialized nations over its reunification with Crimea and the Ukrainian turmoil, should be invited to the group’s next meeting in an interview on Tuesday. Asked if Russia should be invited back so the group can become the G8 once again, Pompeo said: “Yeah, the President thinks so.”

However, when asked if he agrees with his boss’s stance on the issue, Pompeo dodged the question, merely stating that he would be pursuing that goal as well.

The President thinks that’s what we should do. I work for the President. Of course, we’re going to work towards that end.

While Pompeo fell short of explicitly agreeing with Trump’s Russia policy, despite being his country’s top diplomat and thus the man in charge of implementing it, he still reaffirmed Trump’s interest in seeing Russia return to the club.

The US president has repeatedly spoken about the need to readmit Russia. As the G7 summit in Biarritz, France wrapped up on Monday, Trump tentatively invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to the next year’s G7 meet-up hosted by the US.

Saying that he would “certainly” invite the Russia leader and “it would have been easy” if Russia had been represented during many of the roundtables, Trump noted that Putin, as “a proud person,” might as well not accept the invite.

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It was not the first time Trump has floated the idea, and he has not been the only one warning of the dangers of alienating Russia from the West. The host of the recent meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron, called the idea of pushing Russia away from Europe a “strategic mistake,” arguing that this ill-conceived approach would pave the way for a potentially menacing alliance between Russia and China.

Calls for rapprochement with Russia, however, have been lost on European Council president Donald Tusk. Tusk, never a fan of Moscow, said that while having Russia might be useful from a practical standpoint, inviting Ukraine would be “a better option.”

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Pompeo "ignorant" of Cuba's history, says Cuban president

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has blamed Washington's misguided foreign policy toward Cuba on ignorance.

Recent comments and proposals by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo show he is "ignorant" of Cuba's history, Diaz-Canel said via Twitter.

"Pompeo, ignorant of the history and principles of the Cuban Revolution, proposes negotiating a reconciliation in exchange for abandoning the path chosen by our people, suggests betraying our friends and denying 60 years of dignity," said Diaz-Canel.

Pompeo recently said that free and fair elections in Venezuela would not be possible as long as Cuba continued to support President Nicolas Maduro.

He also accused Cuba of controlling Venezuela's political elite, army and intelligence services.

His statements have been widely condemned by senior Cuban officials who have demanded Washington present evidence of Cuba's alleged military presence in Venezuela.

The unsubstantiated claims were followed by sanctions against Cuban officials involved in the island's program of medical diplomacy.

According to Pompeo, Cuban doctors are forced to participate in the program, working long hours in sometimes dangerous areas to advance what he called the Cuban government's "political agenda."

On Wednesday, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez criticized Pompeo's statements and qualified them as "cynical, demagogic and lies."

"He can no longer hide the true purposes of the U.S. policy that intends to starve our people and cause destabilization and regime change. There is an evident gap between what they say and what they do," Rodriguez said via Twitter.

Cuba-U.S. relations have deteriorated under U.S. President Donald Trump, whose administration has reversed the normalization of ties spearheaded by his predecessor Barack Obama.

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