Maduro accuses Colombia of trying to dismantle Venezuelan aviation

Caracas, Dec 29 (Prensa Latina) A new complaint today weighs on the government of Colombian President Iván Duque, after Nicolás Maduro, accused him of trying to dismantle Venezuelan aviation.

During the act of greeting at the end of the year to members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), the Venezuelan head of state denounced that from Colombia it is intended to dismantle military aviation, to weaken the country's defense capacity.

'It is Colombia, the Military Intelligence of Colombia that is behind our missiles and our defense system, to steal it, to dismantle it and so that Venezuela does not have Air Defense,' Maduro said.

The Venezuelan president called on the commander of the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command (Codai), Juan Teixeira, to reinforce all protection measures and urged the commanders to coordinate with the Popular Power, the Popular Integral Defense Units and take their protection, surveillance and assurance measures for all units.

'We have dismantled more than 60 attempts to steal our missiles and, strategic material of the Air Defense, which are of Russian technology. A week ago we had dismantled a terrorist nucleus financed from Colombia, 'he recalled.

He explained that this group was led by two deputies of the National Assembly in contempt and the Popular Will party, who intended with a group of defending police officers to attack several military units, 'to seek blood, death, violence before December 24 , to blood the Christmas of Venezuela. '

He said hundreds of officers have reported calls and messages from Colombia to deliver military secrets, as well as to extract strategic material, which is why it was aimed at strengthening the protection of the nation's anti-aircraft defense system.

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Venezuelan president says military is committed and loyal to Revolution

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro presided over the year-end activity to honor the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), where he highlighted the loyalty and commitment of the military in defense of the country’s sovereignty and peace.

Maduro said: "Today I am more optimistic than ever about the future of our nation and more grateful than ever for the loyalty, professionalism and cohesion of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces."

During his speech, the Venezuelan president also referred to the events that occurred during this year as the tightening of the economic blockade and the imposition of an interim "president" in Venezuela by the United States.

"The Armed Forces reacted to the attacks as a whole, with a slogan that was imposed in this 2019 and assumed by the entire nation: Loyal always, traitors never!" he added.

"We suffered an international conspiracy whose objective was to divide, fracture and destroy the unity, discipline, cohesion and morals of our military forces (...) it is a multiform aggression accompanied by threats of invasion, attempts at bribery, corruption and a structured psychological war so that our military forces would surrender without fighting," the Venezuelan president highlighted.

Maduro recalled the events of last February 23rd, where the right-wing -- supported by the White House and the Government of Colombia -- sought to enter the country with alleged humanitarian aid and incite violence on the border with Colombia to promote a coup d'etat.

"From the Palace of Nariño and from that traitor named Ivan Duque, is where all the conspiracies have been planned to try to destabilize the country and impose a coup d'etat," he denounced.

The Venezuelan president also reiterated that all the aggressions of international factors wanted the armed forces "to doubt their historical and constitutional role," however, they met with the "conscience of steel, an indestructible moral that came to pulverize all forms of psychological wars and conspiracies of 2019."

In the "blood of the military, there is a rebellious will that goes back generations and that has allowed us to defend ourselves against any conspiracy and attempts at division," the head of state emphasized.

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Maduro highlights legitimacy of Bolivarian process

Caracas, Dec 16 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro said that the Bolivarian process enjoys the legitimacy of having been approved by a people who said yes to the constitutional path.

During his speech at the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) session held on Sunday, on the occasion of the celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the approval of the Constitution of the Republic in 1999, Maduro highlighted the legitimacy of the Revolution.

'All boycott plans to overthrow the Revolution do not work because we have a deep legitimacy, which nobody else has,' Maduro said.

Speaking at the People's Power plenary session gathered in the Protocol Hemicycle, Maduro said that 'nobody thought that 20 years later we would celebrate this date. We have a solid national thought and it is admirable.'

He recalled that the first binding consultative referendum was held in 1999, and it was 'a libertarian, original, and truly democratic constituent assembly of full powers.'

The head of State said that the project devised by Commander Hugo Chavez was the means to re-found the country and build the basis of the Republic, with a new Constitution of revolutionary and democratic values.

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Venezuelan president in Havana to participate in ALBA Summit

Havana, December 14 (RHC)-- Upon his arrival in Havana for the 17th Summit of ALBA-TCP, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro affirmed that "during such a complex moment for Latin America and the Caribbean, this ALBA Summit brings a message of hope and unity to all those who struggle." 

The Summit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America-People's Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP) is being held in the Cuban capital on Saturday.  Regarding the agenda of the meeting, the Venezuelan president pointed out that one of the issues will be the economy of the countries of the bloc, in view of the constant attacks from Washington through financial persecution, international trade and oil.

Arriving at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, Maduro told reporters that there is a great struggle for the future path of our peoples and the battle will have a favorable result for the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.  

The Bolivarian leader recalled the meeting between Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez on December 13, 1994, and described the embrace between the two leaders as the beginning of a new era for resistance and patriotic and revolutionary fortitude that fills many in the region with hope for a better future.

Nicolas Maduro said that the foreign ministers of the member countries have worked on some proposals to relaunch initiatives such as the ALBA Bank as a great financial entity for the development of the region; to promote and reinforce initiatives such as the People's Trade Treaty and trade within ALBA, the Caribbean and Latin America.

With the participation of several heads of state, Havana is hosting this Saturday the XVII ALBA-TCP Summit, which has established the current situation in the region and the role of the Alliance in this context as fundamental topics for debate.

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Venezuelan president issues warning of attacks on border with Colombia

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, urged the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) on Friday to remain alert for actions promoted by Colombian President Iván Duque on the border between the two nations.

"I have information that the Colombian Government and the U.S. Southern Command are planning provocative actions on the Colombian-Venezuelan border to try to divert attention from the popular uprising against Iván Duque," Maduro said during a meeting with railway workers in Caracas.

The Venezuelan president, turning to Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, said: "We must be prepared to defend the sovereignty of the Venezuelan homeland."  Maduro added: “The Bolivarian National Armed Forces must be alert and vigilant.  As Commander in Chief, I call on you to prepare to defend the peace and sovereignty of Venezuela.”

Nicolas Maduro also stressed the need to be increasingly prepared "to defend the homeland against U.S. imperialism and the Colombian oligarchy" and, in this way, guarantee "peace, production and progress."

The Venezuelan leader authorized handing out 13,000 rifles to the Combat Forces and instructed them to advance the organization of the working class as part of the Bolivarian Militia.

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Fidel Castro’s Historical Legacy highlighted by Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, highlighted today in Twitter the struggle of Fidel Castro to cement Cuba’s equality, unity, and self-determination.

“Three years ago we mourned our Master and Eternal Commander, Fidel Castro Ruz. We recall his everlasting light of teachings and dignity, which we embrace in our daily struggle,” he tweeted while celebrating the third anniversary of the passing of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The Venezuelan President ratified in his personal profile that “Fidel will be always a living symbol of greatness and revolutionary principles serving mankind.”

The Cuban revolutionary man is proudly remembered in Venezuela due to his unbreakable friendship with Commander Hugo Chavez and the support he always provided to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Cubans residing in Venezuela, collaborators in different social missions, and the authorized diplomatic corps, along with the people in Venezuela, have paid tribute these days to the legendary guerrilla man. Fidel’s life and legacy, as well as his anti-imperialist ideology, were highlighted.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz/CubaSí Translation Staff

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Venezuelan president denounces bribery attempts on army officers

Caracas, November 18 (RHC)-- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro denounced this Sunday that the country's right-wing has received more than $400 million with the objective of buying politicians, policemen and members of the Bolivarian National Armed Force, to put them at the service of foreign nations' interests.

During an interview for the 'Jose Vicente Hoy' show, Maduro affirmed that despite attempted bribes, the Venezuelan Armed Forces have remained loyal to the Constitution, the Venezuelan people and the Bolivarian Revolution.

However, the head of state reported that there are people imprisoned for giving in or being caught taking such illegal money.  "We have dismembered, with the participation of our own armed force officers, more than 47 attempts to recruit officers to put them at the service of Colombia's strategy and the gringos," Maduro said, adding that the Venezuelan Armed Forces "will never again kneel down to the gringos, nor will it ever again serve the oligarchy of this country."

The Venezuelan head of state also referred to the coup in Bolivia against the legitimate President Evo Morales, saying that "Evo is the only one who can restore the peace in Bolivia," in the face of the police repression unleashed by the Bolivian president's resignation.  "The order to arrest Evo and to assassinate him was given to a paramilitary group in Santa Cruz and another in Potosi, it is the intelligence information that reached us."  And the Venezuelan president affirmed that the coup was financed from Washington and organized at the U.S. embassy in La Paz.

Maduro also denounced the ongoing U.S. sanctions against Venezuela, and in that sense, he stressed that the country "has the industrial economic power and the wealth to circumvent these sanctions and achieve economic stability, real growth and the protection of the social rights of our people."

The Venezuelan president affirmed that, despite Washington’s harassment to his country, the government maintains solid access to health care, education, employment and housing plans, among other social programs.

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