Would-be Maduro drone assassin speaks to CNN

The man who claims he planned the exploding-drone attack on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro along with defectors from the Venezuelan military has come forward to tell his story – to CNN, of all people.

The would-be drone bomber says he met with US officials three times after the attack that took place at a military parade in August last year. In an interview with CNN, he claims the US officials seemed receptive to giving them “things in return” for information about the assassination attempt.

Moment Maduro’s speech cut midway by explosion, panic ensues...


A State Department spokesman declined to comment, saying only “Our policy is to support a peaceful transition in Venezuela.”

The assassin, who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, provided video of the conspirators tinkering with the improvised drone bomb, which they reportedly built themselves in a farmhouse in Colombia using materials they purchased online from the US. His footage also showed the group practising flying the drones “high enough to not be seen,” then diving steeply to hit their target, before dismantling them and sneaking them into Venezuela.

The man acknowledged the attack could have killed innocent civilians, had the bombs not detonated prematurely when the cellular signal blockers protecting Maduro reactivated, but claimed he was desperate.

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“We have tried every peaceful and democratic way to bring an end to this tyranny that dresses itself as democracy,” he told CNN, claiming he had friends who had been jailed and tortured by Maduro’s government.

While National Security Advisor John Bolton initially suggested the attack had been faked to create a “pretext” for a crackdown, US officials have since confirmed to CNN that they believe it was a “genuine attack gone wrong.”

Self-appointed president Juan Guaido believes the attack was staged, telling CNN, “I think this was something internal, done by the government. It ends up making them look like victims.”

Maduro ultimately blamed the “Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian extreme right” for the attack.

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Maduro says failed drone assassination attempt was against all Venezuelans, not just him

The Venezuelan President has shared details of Saturday’s botched drone assassination attempt and presented evidence of alleged Colombian involvement in the plot. Releasing several videos on the failed attack, Nicolas Maduro said that perpetrators had been offered millions of dollars as reward for his execution.

 “They were offered $50 million and a stay in the United States,” said the voice that narrates the videos. The culprits allegedly received special training to "handle drones and explosives" at a farm in Colombia for three months prior to the failed strike.

The attackers were advised to split into two groups and use two drones with explosive charges to attack Maduro. The president pointed at retired Colonel Oswaldo Valentín García as the alleged “chief of the assassins.”

Statements from the six suspects arrested so far also pointed to involvement by Julio Borges, an opposition leader living in exile in Colombia, the president told the nation. Maduro emerged unharmed on Saturday, after a drone exploded near a military event in Caracas, where he was giving a speech. Seven soldiers were injured in the blast.

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Venezuela Blames Colombia for any new Aggression

Venezuela made the Colombian government responsible for any new aggression or attempt to bring about provocations from its territory, following the August 4 assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry questioned the Colombian position on the Venezuelan president's express denunciation of the involvement of the Bogota authorities, especially the head of state, Juan Manuel Santos, in the terrorist act last Saturday in Caracas.

'It is revealing that the Government of Colombia describes as 'alleged' an event that, besides being very serious, was public and notorious, and leaving very clear its intention to question the assassination attempt against President Maduro,' the Foreign Affairs Ministry underlines.

It also criticizes that the first official reaction coming from the neighboring country was not to condemn the assassination attempt, nor to express concern for the life and security of the Venezuelan President.

Likewise, it considers suspicious the position of defense at all costs to get President Santos rid of any responsibility, 'when permanent aggressions and provocations against the Venezuelan people and government can not be concealed.'

In contrast, the Colombian Communist Party condemned today the assassination attempt against the president of Venezuela and called on all democratic forces to show solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela notes that in Colombia the installation in public offices of fugitives from the Venezuelan justice system was permitted with expressed purpose of attempting against the rule of law in Venezuela.

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Venezuelan People March on Monday to Support President Maduro

Caracas, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelans are marching on Monday to express support and sympathy for President Nicolas Maduro who was on Saturday the target of a failed assassination attack with drones loaded with C4 explosive.

The people have been called to gather at Morelos Square at 10:00 local time and from there they will start the march along Mexico Avenue towards the Miraflores Palace in downtown. The Head of State was delivering the closing speech in early evening for the 81st anniversary of the National Guard following a parade on Bolivar Avenue, the most important in Caracas, when one of two drones blew up close to the platform from where Maduro was speaking.

The military high command and other top leaders of the nation were with the President. It would have been a massive assassination. The attack was aborted by the special forces in charge of protecting the Head of State who blew the aircraft as it was approaching in.

Six of the perpetrators were immediately capture, vehicles were seized, as well as material and video evidence from hotels in the capital as part of the investigation still underway.

Since the news got out on Saturday night, messages of support have flowing in from leaders, organizations, social and political movements from around the world condemning the attempted murder.

On Sunday, the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela strongly condemned the assassination attempt. Plotters and perpetrators want to impose fascist violence in the country, the legislative body denounced through its Tweeter account.

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Latin American Leaders Condemned Assassation Attempt on Venezuela's President

Havana, Ago 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban top leaders, Bolivia's President Evo Morales, the Nicaraguan Government, lawmakers, political figures and organizations from Latin America have condemned the failed assassination attempt against Venezuela's Head of State Nicolas Maduro on Saturday late afternoon.

First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Raul Castro and the island's President Miguel Diaz-Canel tweeted a message strongly condemning the drone attack on Maduro and conveying solidarity and unwavering support the Venezuelan President and his Governent.

Maduro was delivering the closing speech on the 81st Anniversary of the National Guard when several drones loaded with explosives blew up close to the platform from where he was speaking at 17:41 local time. Seven guards got wounded and are being treated in hospital.

Hours later addressing the nation from the Miraflores Palace (seat of Government) the President said some of the perpetrators had been capture and an investigation was in full swing to bring all those responsible to justice. He blamed the Venezuelan and Colombian oligarchy for the attack, particularly mentioning outgoing president Juan Manuel Santos of being involved the plot.

Bolivia's President Evo Morales strongly condemned the 'new and coward attack with drones' against his Venezuelan peer.

'This assassination attempt is a crime against humanity; it shows the desperation of an empire (the US) defeate by a brave nation,' Morales wrote in Tweeter.

The Farabundo Marti Liberation Front led the Salvadorean left in denouncing the failed attack and reiterated its support to the revolutionary process Maduro is heading in Venezuela.

Political and friendship organizations from other Latin American countries also condemned assassination attempt.

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