Colombian Paramilitary Gunned Down on Venezuela's Border

Caracas, Jul 1 (Prensa Latina) The political protector of the Venezuelan border state of Tachira, Freddy Bernal, reported that during a confrontation between the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and the Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations Corps (CICPC), a Colombian paramilitary was gunned down.

The Venezuelan leader posted on his Twitter account on Sunday that the paramilitary belonged to the criminal gang known as El Paisa and La Linea, based in Colombia.

Bernal reported that the armed action occurred in the Aguas Calientes sector in Pedro Maria Ureña municipality, located in the Tachira demarcation, bordering Colombia.

Bernal, who is also the National Coordinator of the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), congratulated through Twitter the personnel who participated in the action.

The procedure is part of the deployment of the Citizen Security Device that the Bolivarian government is carrying out, he said.

Bernal said that the different State security agencies remain alert and deployed in the border area, to stop the incursion of armed groups outside the law and ensure peace and tranquility of the Venezuelans.

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Chavista Community Organizer Killed, Burned by Paramilitaries

Elizabeth Aguilera was killed in retaliation for her work against organized crime in Venezuela.

A community activist and local leader of Venezuela's Socialist Party was killed by alleged members of a paramilitary gang in Caracas, according to a party spokesman.

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Elizabeth Aguilera, was the head of her local unit of the PSUV, the ruling party headed by President Nicolas Maduro.

Aguilera was shot multiple times in the Cota 905 sector, a popular area in the south-center of the Venezuelan capital. Her body was also burned and photographs were posted on social networks, presumably by Aguilera's murderers.

The crime was confirmed by an official from the district government, Daniel Aponte, who said the attack was perpetrated by a "paramilitary group."

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“Justice will be done, the PSUV party expresses its total solidarity,” said Aponte, who called Aguilera a fighter, a committed Chavista, and a community leader.

According to police officers, the perpetraitors fled the Sucre neighborhood when a unit from the federal anti-paramility squad, called Operation Liberation and Protection of the People or OLP, came to the area. The OLP was created to fight violence and paramilitary groups in the country, especially in the wake of paramilitary violence that led to the closure of Venezuela's border with Colombia.

Police say Aguilera was likely targetted because she was providing information to police on crime in her neighborhood.

The area where the murder occurred is said to dominated by a criminal outfit headed by an individual called "Coki," who is estimated to have at least 120 men under his command. The group is accused of vehicle theft, kidnapping, extortion and murder.

According to the newspaper El Nacional, residents of various communities in Cota 905 acted as confidential informants to identify and pinpoint the location of several criminals who were subsequently targetted the OLP in July 2015.

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Venezuela Arrests 250 in Crackdown on Colombian Border

CARACAS – Venezuelan authorities said on Tuesday that 250 people have been arrested along the western border of Tachira state – including Venezuelan police officers, soldiers and 34 suspected Colombian paramilitaries – since President Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of the border with Colombia on August 19.

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