Colombians in Venezuela Mobilize to Support Activist Piedad Cordoba’s bid for Presidency

Colombia’s elections are scheduled for May 2018, the first to be held after the historic peace deal between FARC and the government.

The Association of Colombians in Venezuela has started the process of gathering signatures in support of the former Colombian senator and activist Piedad Cordoba's presidential candidacy.

Human Rights Icon Piedad Cordoba: 'I Will Be President of Colombia in 2018'

"From Venezuela, we Colombians have decided to deploy throughout the country, to get the 300,000 signatures required by the National Electoral Council (of Colombia)," said the director of the Association, Juan Carlos Tanus.

Tanus said the organization's members is set to achieve their goal by November. He estimated that they may be able to collect more than one million signatures.

"She is a woman who fights for peace and the construction of the Patria Grande, from Venezuela we can also support her."

The presidential elections in Colombia are scheduled for May 2018, the first to be held after the historic peace deal signed last year between the government and the leftist guerrilla group-turned political party, now called the Revolutionary Alternative Forces of the Commons (FARC).

Cordoba announced her decision to run for presidency earlier this year while visiting the grave of the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Santiago de Cuba, where she laid down flowers with a message that read, “We will follow your example and defend your legacy.”

The Afro-Colombian politician, lawyer and long-time peace activist is a renowned figure in the country and works with human rights associations in the South American nation and throughout the region.

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Piedad Cordoba Optimistic about Victory of Yes in Referendum

Former congresswoman and human rights defender Piedad Cordoba expressed today optimism about the victory of the Yes in the upcoming referendum, in which Colombians will endorse the agreements reached by the Government and FARC-EP.

'I am pleased that the campaign for that choice is advancing positively, we will get a landslide victory, some 10 million votes to validate the agreement reached in Cuba by both sides', Cordoba, spokeswoman for the Marcha Patriotica platform told the Prensa Latina news agency.

Since 2012 governmental delegates and the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia -People´s Army (FARC-EP) held talks in Havana seeking to find a political solution to the internal conflict, such talks could end in close date given the advances reached.

After the so-called Final Agreement, the tenth FARC-EP conference and the formal signing of peace, the people will decide at the polls whether to support or not the results of the lengthy and complex talks.

The limit was set at four million votes but supporters of the talks seek to exceed that number by far.

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