Police Detained Far-Right Man Planning to Kill Spanish PM

Catalan police arrested a man who planned to kill the Socialist Primer Minister for his decision to move dictator Franco's remains.

The Catalan regional police force announced Thursday they arrested a man who was allegedly planning to assassinate the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, of the Socialist Party.

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Manuel Murillo Sanchez, 63, was arrested in Terrassa, near Barcelona. A private security guard, who is also an expert shot, was arrested on Sept. 19 after the Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police) was alerted by members of a chat group were Sanchez repeatedly spoke about shooting the prime minister and asked for logistical support from the group members.

He was reported to have 16 firearms, including a submachine gun Skorpion vz. 61 and four rifles of the highest precision, at his residence. He has confessed and is facing charges for attempting to kill the Prime Minister and for illegal possession of weapons. He is being held at a prison in Martorell near Barcelona.

The Mossos revealed his arrest through a tweet which said, "Arrested a man in Terrassa who tried to kill the Spanish prime minister @sanchezcastejon. The arrested man, who had an arsenal of weapons at home, has already entered prison."

Publico reported that the attempted assassination is a result of “hatred by the extreme right.”

Murillo Sanchez has been described as a far-right person who wanted to kill Pedro Sanchez in “vengeance” over the socialist government's decision to exhume the body of the late dictator General Francisco Franco from the Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen), in northern Madrid. The remains of the dictator will be given to his family to be buried elsewhere.

He reportedly said, "I am ready to sacrifice myself for Spain."

"He was the perfect lone wolf, a nobody with a gun license whose expertise marksmanship didn’t arouse any suspicion, in the same way, he didn’t arouse suspicion by carrying a pistol because he needed it for his work," a police source told Spanish daily Publico.

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Spain PM Sanchez Calls for Dialogue in Venezuela, Rejects Interventionism

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez urged for a dialogue with no foreign intervention in Chile, the first stop in his Latin America tour. 

The Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said Monday that dialogue without interventionism is the best way to find a solution to the socioeconomic issues Venezuela has faced over the last few years.

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Sanchez made the comments in Chile, during a joint press conference with Chilean President Sebastian Piñera, a staunch detractor of the democratically elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, in the first stop of his Latin American tour.

"Venezuela has to start a dialogue among Venezuelans to find a solution to this political crisis. And of course, the international community must accompany that dialogue," Sanchez said.

"I guarantee Spain will be very active in that... Spain belongs to the European Union and has strong roots with Ibero-America that we wish to maintain, but without interventionism,” Sanchez warned.

Sanchez's remarks mark a shift in Spanish-Venezuelan diplomatic relations, which were characterized by hostilities under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Hyperinflation and induced shortages of staple goods have motivated many Venezuelans to abandon their country in search of better opportunities. The Venezuelan government has recently enacted several economic measures to fight what they call an “economic war” waged by the United States through economic and financial sanctions and the country’s economic elites.  

"It's a crisis that's been growing for some time in Venezuela and we, of course, look at it with deep concern," Sanchez said.

In recent weeks, Ecuador and Peru have tightened their entry requirements for Venezuelans, and an angry mob in Brazil attacked a group of migrants sending them back across the border.

Sanchez will travel to Bolivia Tuesday. He is expected to be welcomed by president Evo Morales to discuss economic cooperation and investment in the bi-oceanic railway corridor

Pedro Sanchez will later head to Colombia and Costa Rica.

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