Head of CIA: Gina Haspel, Linked to Torture

The EFE Spanish news agency reported in Tuesday, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that the CIA Headquarters will be occupied by a woman.

We are talking about Gina Haspel who up until now worked as deputy director of that espionage agency.

Haspel, 61 years old, ran in Thailand one of the first torture centers known as "black sites" that the United States opened to extract confessions through torture.

She also played an important role in this program, on the grey side of the law, after September 11 to imprison and interrogate alleged suspects of terrorism, under the Bush Administration.

Haspel, said the agency, oversaw herself at least two extreme interrogation sessions where tortures were used, what disclosed an investigation of the Senate.

The suspects were Abu Zubaydah and Abd al Rahim al Nashiri.

The first one was subjected 83 times to "waterboarding" according to documents revealed in the North American Congress.

Gina Haspel's name was also related to the destruction of nearly 100 videotapes of black site interrogations in 2005 that were filed in Thailand.

She was promoted in 2013 to head of a CIA clandestine unit, a position confirmed by the Senate.    

According to EFE, the president instead of rejecting these tortures, he back them up, therefore Haspel fits right in the picture of Trump’s CIA era.

It was also made public the outing of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, position that will occupy Mike Pompeo, current CIA director.

The White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, sent an official statement of the leader where he stressed that under Tillerson’s time great things had been achieved in the last 14 months."

In this document Trump repeated his "trust" in Mike Pompeo and "he is the right man for the job at this fundamental moment and he shall continue our program of restoring the role of the United States in the world."

According to what Sanders said, Trump asked Tillerson to move aside.

But according to Assistant to the Secretary and Director of Public Affairs, Steve Goldstein, Tillerson didn't speak with Trump and he ignores the reason of his removal.

Goldstein affirmed "The Secretary of State intentions of staying due to the critical process made in matters of national security".

If what’s been written so far uncovered the conflicting panorama of the White House, the new succession of events, as a clear warning, corroborates it.

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New CIA Deputy Director Linked to Torture 'Black Sites'

Haspel has been a key figure in a secret U.S. torture program, which Donald Trump has called an effective way of gathering intelligence. 

U.S. President Donald Trump named Gina Haspel, who has been accused of running a torture “black site” for suspected terrorists, as the deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent “war on terror” launched by then-President George W. Bush, Haspel was a key figure in helping launch a network of secretly operated “black sites.”

Haspel allegedly ran a secret prison called “Cat’s Eye” in Thailand where suspected terrorists belonging to al-Qaida were subject to controversial torture techniques such as waterboarding.

The 60-year-old has worked as an intelligence officer for the majority of her career and was believed to be present in the torture of at least two suspected al-Qaida members Abu Zubaydah and Abd al-Rahim al Nashiri, according to an investigation by the U.S. Senate. 


According to declassified CIA cables released in January, Zubaydah was subjected 83 times to the waterboarding torture technique, sleep deprivation and had his head struck into walls.

According to information from U.S. officials leaked to the media, Haspel was also responsible for carrying out the destruction of video footage in 2005 which showed suspects being tortured.

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Trump has controversially said that torture works as a means of gaining intelligence, saying that, “We have to fight fire with fire.” When asked about his stance on torture in a press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May last week, Trump said that he would leave the decision up to Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA director Mike Pompeo. 

A draft executive order requesting a review into reopening foreign CIA prisons and revisiting interrogation methods not considered torture is being considered by the White House, but it remains unclear if it will be signed.

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Pentagon Wants Psychologists to Reverse Ban on Aiding Torture

The Pentagon is pushing military psychologists to pass a resolution at this year's conference that would allow members to help with torture practices.

The largest psychologists’ association in the United States is reconsidering its ban on helping with torture practices.

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At its annual conference in Denver that started Thursday, the American Psychological Association will vote on whether to ignore its “do no harm” obligation and allow members to help out with “enhanced interrogation” tactics—a euphemism for torture—at CIA black sites and other detention centers like Guantanamo Bay.

Following a years-long controversy over collusion between psychologists and the U.S., Defense Department, confirmed by the Hoffman Report released last year, the APA introduced strict rules to prevent even tangential aid to torture programs.

“small but powerful group” of military psychologists and former APA leaders are pushing for a rollback, according to psychologist Stephen Soldz, who advocated for the ban. According to the Colorado Independent, the Pentagon pushed the APA to introduce the resolution doing away with is prohibition on being an accesory to violations of international law.

IN DEPTH: US Senate Report on CIA Torture

“The people proposing this bill were very smart and submitted it almost without anybody knowing it. It’s hard to believe, but this is happening without the rank and file membership’s awareness,” psychology professor Dan Aalbers, one of the main backers of the reform, told the Colorado Independent. He added that the vote could be “very close.”

“It’s surreal, really, given the overwhelming support for the new ethics policies, that this issue is popping up again,” said Aalbers.

While some argue psychologists should offer their support to detainees, others maintain that support is fine only as long as the psychologist is acting independently and not on behalf of the military. Military psychologists have been pressured to deny signs of PTSD, for instance.

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Washington: Between Tortures and Hip Hop

While accusing Venezuela of violating human rights, they act like a vulgar international criminal.  

The two Chambers of their Congress banned Visa and froze assets in U.S. territory to officials from the South American country.

But the excuse became brittle when, at the same time, their own Senate revealed dreadful tortures from the CIA to suspects of terrorism.

This Thursday the Associated Press (AP) reported in Miami that the North American government used RAP with the intention of influencing in Cuba.

A newspaper from that city, Las Americas Newspaper, gave detailed information on how they did it.

The scheming was put in the hands of their well-known United States Agency for International Development (USAID), an unrefined screen for the CIA.

According to Las Americas Newspaper, they began creating a juvenile movement that, backstage in really would go against the Cuban authorities.

The newspaper remembered that in April USAID aided the creation of a “Cuban Twitter” dedicated at promoting the political dissidence and to elude Internet control.

However, the newspaper clarifies this was only part of something bigger and more aggressive.

Three months ago, AP published evidence that USAID had sent Latin American youths to Cuba to help impose political changes with the blessing of the U.S.

Their camouflage? The so-called civic programs and medic aid sponsored by the visitors.

Now AP learned that USAID secretly approached the "underground" hip-hop movement of Cuba, where, unknowingly they recruited rappers.

Their objective? The North American news agency gave clear hints: to organize an opposing juvenile trend in Cuba.

Las Americas Newspaper remembered that the USAID‘s hip-hop program was inspired by the concert-protest of Serbian students that in year 2000 helped to overthrow the president Slobodan Milosevic.  

Next a particularly significant angle is shown: Serbians involved in that plan "guided the Cuban hip-hop program."

Several times, said the newspaper, Cuban authorities confiscated electronic devices that linked their activity with the USAID.

But contractors keep confronting risks, even "behind the backs of the Cuban artists ".

According to Miami newspaper, that agency acted so secretly that even the Department of the Treasure was surprised.

It was then that a report from EFE coming from Washington informed that Obama "had on his desk" the package of new sanctions against Venezuela."

A spokesman of the National Security Council of the United States, Patrick Ventrell, said this Thursday that the president "conveys the Congress’s concerns " towards Caracas.

Questions arise.

Who granted Washington’s Capitol the will to judge domestic situations in Venezuela and other countries of the region?

What would happen if Latin America and the Caribbean decided to act equally until they accepted the more than 20 resolutions of UN General Assembly that demand the end of the blockade to Cuba?

What minimum legal authority and ethics exhibit government officials and allied parliamentarian personnel to a subversive agency like USAID?

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