Cuban President congratulates Foreign Ministry on its 60th anniversary

Havana, Dec 23 (Prensa Latina) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel today congratulated workers and diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex) on the 60th anniversary of the creation of that agency. "Congratulations to our worthy diplomats, the workers of #CubaMinrex and the Cuban people for building, making, defending and exalting our foreign policy on the 60th anniversary of MINREX," the president posted on Twitter.

Previously, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez congratulated sector workers and the Cuban people, whom he described as the main protagonist of revolutionary diplomacy.

He also called to remain united in the defense of the Caribbean nation, which is currently facing the growing hostility of the United States government in its intention to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs was constituted on December 23, 1959 by Decree of the Revolutionary Government, to replace the Ministry of State, created under the first US occupation of the island and designed to serve the interests of the United States government.

In an interview published Monday on the Cubaminrex website, Abelardo Moreno, current adviser to MINREX, said the creation of the revolutionary institution transformed Cuban foreign policy in a very short time.

With decades of experience in the diplomatic sphere of the Caribbean nation, he explained that "not only did it institutionalize the fundamental changes in Foreign Relations undertaken by the Revolution, but it totally broke with the diplomacy of the neocolonial republic. It buried the State Ministry."

Regarding the 'Minister of Dignity' Raúl Roa, Moreno pointed out that he laid the foundations for the transformation of the former Ministry of State into a revolutionary, anti-imperialist, invincible body.

He added that the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, was and is the creator of the current revolutionary diplomacy.

"The most important thing that the Ministry has done for 60 years I will summarize in a few words: being unconditionally faithful to Fidel's ideas and the Revolution. Everything else derives from there," he stressed.

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A warning to Trump? Twitter reminds ‘world leaders’ aren’t immune to deplatforming

Twitter has put US President Donald Trump – and other world leaders – on notice with a clarification of its rules, letting one of the platform’s most popular users know that it can cut off his ability to go viral at any time.

Twitter clarified its rules concerning powerful political leaders in a blog post on Tuesday, never mentioning Trump by name but clearly keeping him in mind. The new guidelines seem uncontroversial enough on the surface, but leave a wide loophole for potential deplatforming of the #Resistance’s favorite punching bag.

While “direct interactions with fellow public figures, comments on political issues of the day, or foreign policy saber-rattling on economic or military issues are generally not in violation of the Twitter Rules” at the moment, they can get a belligerent world leader’s tweets placed in a no-man’s-land where they cannot be replied to, liked, or shared, Twitter warned.

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They haven’t had to use the quarantine option yet, but they’re just reminding any tweet-happy world leader who might happen to be reading that it’s possible, and that it could stop their tweet from going viral. Not that they have any particular leader in mind, or anything.

There are some “red lines” which world leaders cannot cross, including “promotion of terrorism,” doxxing, child sexual exploitation, promoting self-harm, and – in perhaps the most obvious dig at Trump – “clear and direct threats of violence against an individual.” Context is key to the latter, Twitter explained, claiming “commentary on political and foreign policy issues would likely not result in enforcement” – but “likely” leaves the door open to the president being deplatformed for his usual belligerent posturing, should Twitter decide his latest tweetstorm doesn’t qualify as political commentary.

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Harris had called for the suspension of Trump’s account after the president accused an anonymous CIA whistleblower of spying and House intel committee chief Adam Schiff of “fraud and treason,” claiming the tweets constituted threats because Trump had – offline – commented that the US “used to handle [spies and treason] a little differently than we do now.” Those tweets - plus Trump’s quote of a Fox News claim that removing him from office would cause a “civil war-like fracture” - had “put our democracy in danger,” Harris complained.

Twitter politely demurred to kick one of its most popular users off its platform then, disappointing the president’s many haters. But the new rules leave the door open for a more robust complaint to exile the president from his favorite platform, and Twitter apparently wants to make sure Trump knows it.

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Latin American Forum Denounces Twitter for Censoring Cubans

The Communications Forum for the Integration of Our America (FCINA) today described the suspension of accounts in Cuba by private social network Twitter as a case of restriction of freedom of expression.

In a communiqué, the organization noted that on Wednesday, dozens of Twitter accounts belonging to Cuban institutions, media and intellectuals were suspended.

'Although some of them were partially restored, the simultaneity and extent of the suspensions speak of a deliberate corporate action against Cuban media and personalities who criticize capitalism and the political and cultural neocolonialism that the United States intends to impose on Latin America and the Caribbean,' the statement read.

The Forum denounced this politically motivated action aimed at restricting the dissemination of the truth about Cuba from its leading actors.

The Forum noted that the incident on Wednesday proved, as has been pointed out before, 'the true face of corporate social networks, which take advantage of their monopoly situation to exercise arbitrary censorship.'

FCINA expressed full solidarity with the organizations and people affected, in particular with the Cuban chapter of the Network of Intellectuals and Artists in Defense of Humanity, which is an active member of the Forum.

The organization also declared the firm commitment to the principles of a free and open Internet, of universal access, without corporate dominance and with decisive citizen influence on its governance.

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Twitter suspends Granma’s account and those of other Cuban media

Yesterday, just as Granma began special coverage of the Presidents television appearance, for our 16,000 followers, Twitter suspended Granma’s account and those of other Cuban media.

The suspension notification does not state the reason why the @Granma_Digital account was disabled, and although efforts have been made to reactivate it, no action has been successful. Editors and administrators of various media in Cuba, such as Cubadebate, Mesa Redonda, the Caribe television broadcaster, and Radio Rebelde, have also reported on Facebook and other channels, the suspension of their Twitter accounts without cause.

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What Marco Rubio Doesn't Say in Twitter

That "the new politics (of the United States) towards the island will not harm family trips" it was one of the half-truths with which the republican senator Marco Rubio tried to justify the opening of a Twitter account, through which, according to him, aimed at "interacting" with Cubans in the Island.

We then suppose that when the twitter, also known in internet as Narco Rubio, regretted that "the new politics won't harm family trips" he meant Cuban resident in the U.S. who can still visit their relatives in the Island, and he was not referring to the damage that that same politics has caused to family reunification.

Nevertheless, in an overt and shameless tantrum of cynicism, last July 24^th , Marco Rubio complained in Twitter that Cubans had to go to a third country to obtain visa: "Many in #Cuba face an obstacle of travelling to a third country for interviews because we removed many employees from the embassy. This was not a punitive action. North American and Canadian diplomats suffered serious brain damage in #LaHabana."

On this issue the North American agency AP just published an article with the titled "Thousands of Cubans who hope to emigrate to the U.S., in limbo", where it’s confirmed that the dreams of many U.S. residents of meeting their relatives “have been in hiatus since September 2017, when Donald Trump’s government removed most of the embassy personnel in Havana in retaliation to health incidents that affected nearly 26 embassy officials and their families."

According to the same source: "The program Cuban Family Reunification Parole (CFRP) is still effective, but there aren’t consular personnel to process the cases in Cuba and U.S. authorities have not appointed another place to follow the procedures. Other procedures were moved to countries like Colombia and Guyana."

"The option to request political exile - adds the report – has also been suspended and tourism visas fell from a little more than 16 000 in 2017 to almost 7 000 in 2018. The five-year Visa with multiple entrances for Cubans was replaced by a visa of up to three months with a single entrance that should be requested in a third country."

According to AP, "the CFRP allows 20.000 Cubans to travel every year to the United States under a special permit know as parole that is granted faster than an immigration visa and in accordance with the Service of Immigration and Citizenship, about 20 000 cases form the CFRP have been approved and are pending of additional procedures abroad. Other thousands haven’t been able to be processed."

What the liar from Florida did not say, neither he will in Twitter is that he is one of the main instigators in the story of the so-called sonic attacks, which according to Jorge Duany, director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University are part of "a package of measures to put more pressure" on the Cuban government, on the package: "The collateral damage is that Cubans who are trying to emigrate and cannot do it as they did in the past become hostages."

In January 2018, as president of a senate hearing in which was examined the issue of imaginary attacks, Marco Rubio ended up considering that perhaps those attacks were not acoustic at all, but he insisted in that there wasn’t doubt of its existence and that the Cuban Government either carried them out or had some knowledge on this matter.

"Well, maybe they are not acoustic, they probably used microwaves or another technology, but it’s irrelevant, what’s important is to know which method was used, but it’s like saying that we don't know whether they were killed with a knife or with a firearm, at the end of the day we knew there was an attack", he said to EFE news agency back then.

No one doubts that the North American senator, if the idea is taking down the Cuban Revolution little he cares about the pain that causes the separation of dozens of thousands of families. Cubans in the U.S., apparently don't think like the current "consultant" of the White House.

The "non punitive" politics, designed by Rubio and other characters of the anti-Cuban mafia of Miami could turn into a boomerang for the current administration. According to Andy Gómez, a political analyst former director of the Cuban Research Institute of the University of Miami, mentioned by AP, "many Cubans are not happy with the politics of the president" and "most, if pressed any further may not vote for Trump in 2020."

Social Networks and the New World of Lies

Last Tuesday, Kristinn Hrafnsson —Wikileaks’ editor in chief— stated before a group of foreign press correspondents that the case of Julian Assange, incarcerated in UK and claimed by the U.S., is part of a conspiracy against press freedom.

It is not an isolated case —pointed out the Icelander journalist before adding that the recent attacks on media in California, U.S., the searches carried out by the Federal Police at the headquarters of ABC network in Sydney, Australia, and the incarceration of Swedish journalist Olin Bin, in Ecuador, are also part of a global strategy to stamp out investigative journalism.

Even more disturbing, nonetheless, is the fact that more important than press “freedom” or investigative journalism, the truth itself seems really in danger of vanishing. While the truth is incarcerated in the role of Julian Assange, lies are unleashed and multiplied like never before in the media and social networks.

At the same time Hrafnsson offered his statement in London, an international survey carried out that day and released in Canada showed that 86% of people have taken for granted at least one fake news they have read in social networks.

According to the 82% of people consulted in the Ipsos survey for the Canadian analysis group Center for International Governance Innovation, the platforms of social networks were regarded as the main responsible for the dissemination of fake news. The 77% of users had pointed at Facebook as the main source of fake news while 62% chose Twitter.

The problem is truly alarming if we take into account that there is an increasingly high number of people using social networks as information source. In the words of communication connoisseurs, beyond the technological progresses, the rising number of users in social networks has to do with the discredit of traditional media in recent years. However, is there any credibility in social networks after the results of this survey went public?

To make things worse, it was released a fake video in Instagram with the one and only Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. In the video, manipulated by artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg stands there saying, while describing his own personality: “Imagine this for a second: a man, with a total control of data stolen from millions and millions of people, all their secrets, their lives, their futures.”

The fake video shows Zuckerberg bragging about his dominance. The video was created by Israel’s emerging company Canny AI, and artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe, allegedly for an artistic project called Spectrum, which was screened at the British International Documentary Festival Sheffield Doc/Fest.

It is shocking that Instagram —which belongs to Facebook— will not blocked the video. Therefore, it will be added to a series of other manipulated videos, known as “deepfake” due to the use of artificial intelligence with extremely realistic results.

The most popular of this sort of “masterpieces” falsifying reality, which Facebook denies to block by the way, is the ridiculously false video released one month ago where the Speaker of the House of Representative of the U.S., Nancy Pelosi, was talking as if she were drunk.

The video involving Pelosi was released to the world in a tweet posted by the U.S. President Donald Trump. And now that we are referring to lies and Trump, the president of the nation of “press freedom,” the first champion against fake news, recently called for a mass boycott from Americans against AT&T, one of the greatest telecom giants of the country, to force them to make “huge changes” within CNN network, owned by that company. According to Trump, CNN is so unfair with such bad, fake news! When the world watches CNN, it gets a false picture of USA.”

And it was not a fake tweet, as it was Pelosi’s video. This tweet came out of the brain of the U.S. President who has turned the foreign policy of his nation into an anthology of lies and vulgar threats against those countries resilient to the Empire dominance. The same Trump who attacked the media for what he called “a fraudulent and highly inaccurate coverage of Iran,” stated immediately thereafter in another tweet that such reports had a positive impact since “Iran does not know what to do now, which is a good thing after all.”

In this new world, those who dare to denounce a crime, as in Assange’s case, are condemned by those who committed such crime. The goal will be always to achieve nobody knows what to think, not to mention when the information is true or false; and that is the only truth.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz/CubaSí Translation Staff

Díaz-Canel warmly welcomes on Twitter Cuban medical brigade

Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, gave a warm welcome on his Twitter account to the 28th Brigade of the Henry Reeve Contingent after two months of intense work in Mozambique.

Welcome to the homeland compatriots. They exemplarily fulfilled their mission in Mozambique. The president wrote when he highlighted the arrival in Cuba of the 40 members of the brigade of the Henry Reeve Contingent, specialized in situations of disasters and serious epidemics, who gave their help to the people of Mozambique, after the passage of cyclone Idai, last March.

José Ángel Portal Miranda, Minister of Public Health, highlighted the work carried out under difficult conditions, as well as the satisfaction of seeing them return with their duty fulfilled.

The gratitude not only belongs to that sister nation, but also to Cuba, he affirmed, because in addition to providing a very positive result in terms of medical care, they also leave a mark of the Revolution and of the Cuban people in Mozambique.

During its stay in Mozambique, the brigade carried out 22,259 consultations and 331 surgical interventions. Likewise, actions were developed to confront malaria, an activity in which more than 17,000 homes were visited and more than 50,000 people were benefited.

Cuba does not know hatred, but infinite love and dedication for the most needy, said Dr. Rolando Piloto, Chief of the brigade, on behalf of the new arrivals. (ACN)

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Pentagon’s top secret ‘ninja bomb’ revealed, Twitter asks if it’s really necessary

The CIA and Pentagon have apparently found a new solution to their high civilian casualty rates from drone strikes – a targeted ‘ninja bomb’ which doesn’t explode. Twitter, however, is far from convinced.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that the top secret Hellfire R9X has no explosive warhead, with the US military opting instead for a payload of 100lbs of metal in the form of six blades that deploy from the body of the missile moments before impact, shredding everything in the immediate area, and bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘surgical strike.’

Drones used missiles with knife warhead to take out single terrorist targets

@Charles_Lister NEW - @WSJ confirms the @CIA & @DeptofDefense have a new "secret" missile - the R9X, or "flying Ginsu" - which kills a selected target with 6 blades, but no explosive payload.

-- "To the targeted person, it's as if a speeding anvil fell from the sky." 

The laser-guided sword has reportedly been deployed on at least six occasions to target Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders who used women and children as civilian human shields, including a January 2019 US Air Force strike against Jamal al-Badawi, the mastermind behind the USS Cole bombing that killed 17 sailors and wounded at least 40, and a 2017 CIA strike against Al-Qaeda leader Ahmad Hasan Abu Khayr al-Masri.

The R9X was also considered as a plan B for killing Osama bin Laden.

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Dubbed the “the flying Ginsu,” after a brand of knives sold via TV commercials in the US in the 70s and 80s, the weapon was reportedly in development as far back as 2011, as the Obama administration sought to limit civilian casualties during its record-setting drone operations.

Obama quickly developed a legacy as the ‘drone president’, with 541 drone strikes throughout his time in office killing an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians. Current US President Donald Trump has rescinded the Obama-era mandate to report civilian casualties by drone strike outside war zones.

Since the revelations about the new weapon emerged, many on Twitter have questioned the need for the blades given that a laser-guided, 100lb chunk of metal dropped from several thousand feet would, in and of itself, be enough to obliterate a human target.

Others, however, keenly bought into the branding and shared memes and movie references.

They should went with “ Knifey McKnife Face”. My guess is someone already owns the domain name.

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