Diaz-Canel assures 'Cubans are winners of the impossible'

President Miguel Diaz-Canel assured on Twitter this Wednesday that Cubans are 'winners of the impossible' and it is a good time to propose another year of 'positive exceptionality.'

In another tweet, the president recalled the 61st anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1.

With this purpose, he posted on Twitter two opinion articles released in both the national newspaper Granma and the Cubadebate website, where he refers to the national date that Cubans celebrate this Wednesday.

On January 1, 1959, the Revolution led by Fidel Castro and other youngsters triumphed, which changed the history of Cuba by defending a process of deep social, political and economic transformations.

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Díaz-Canel: Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence

“We are not intimidated by threats from the United States, which are part of its interventionist policy toward Cuba. It is deplorable that the country’s diplomats are incited to violate international law and the laws of the United States. Cuba will not renounce its sovereignty or independence,” said President of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on his Twitter account.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla also referred to the situation: “The U.S. Secretary of State, who applauds coups and ignores murders, acts of barbarism, repression, and violations of human rights by its allies, calls on its embassy in Cuba to intervene in the internal affairs of a sovereign country that will not allow it.”

Cuba has repeatedly denounced the U.S. government’s slander campaign, most recently using as a pretext the arrest of a salaried agent serving the United States, with a long history of provocative, illegal actions to disrupt the public order. The embassy of the United States in Cuba has been the fundamental vehicle of attention, orientation, and financing of his conduct.

“The country’s diplomatic mission in Cuba and, particularly its chargé d'affaires, has concentrated on... promoting division and confusion in our people, identifying areas of the economy to attack with coercive measures, attempting to slander and discredit the work of the Cuban government and the Revolution,” stated a note published November 20.

Yesterday, the U.S. government added the Cuban company Corporación Panamericana S.A to it its list of entities sanctioned for maintaining relations with Venezuela.

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Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

Lack of Medical decency, breaking of the human and international rights that are incompatible with their role as the venue of that Health venue and the wickedness and the powerlessness are some of the very deserved criticism against the U.S. Government on the social networks to refuse the Visa to the Cuban Public Health Ministry, José Ángel Portal Miranda and the rest of the delegation that would attend to the Health Pan American Health Organization in Washington city.

It is not more than an unusable way to gag a truth that floats like a sovereign flag before the astonished world sight.

It would cause great envy that our local Health Ministry commented that Cuba reached the lowest infantile mortality of its history with a 4.0 for each thousand child born alive and that is a number that is a number much better positioned that the one reported by the mighty US nation with a 7.0 for each child born alive.

It would be uncomfortable for them that the Cuban official announced that the life expectancy for Cubans reaches the 80 years, along with over 2100 centenarian people.

Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

The US Health officials don´t like the WHO recognizes Cuba keeps eliminated the congenital Aids and syphilis transmission and the fact that Cuba has trained until July of the current year 376608 health professionals through the Medicine and Stomatology, Nursing Spheres and others such as the Health Technologies and they are added to the 35787 foreign students from 141 countries who were graduated in our universities.

As it is well said by my female neighbor through her peculiar way to call the things by their name. She, who is a Spanish citizen who has traveled throughout the world, said to her local clinic´s doctor:

“I go overseas, but I always return because it sucks abroad, without a medical insurance, and I paid $ 25.00 Dollars for an vaccine , so I come to see you here even for a minor pain in my food, for instance.”

The Cubans have one of the best regional parameters in terms of doctors per inhabitants, 9 doctors per 1000 inhabitants and that also gets upset our US neighbor that has tried to asphyxiate us without achieving to make us to give us.

The little Cuban nation should buy related technology and medicine at a double price multiplied by two and even three times its real price. However, Cuba is accused of people trafficking, enslave the local Health staff who travel to other nations and for benefitting economically from the Medical works overseas.

If Cuba obtains strong currencies and thankfulness for the services carried out by its Health collaborators, it also obtains them for keeping a free and accessible health system that can be improved by guaranteeing medical care for all, while they gain millions dollars, along with an US arms industry that causes death, pain, disruptions and traumas to other lands.

Our little territory with only 11 million inhabitants has had to invest in the training of its human resources due to the lack of industrialization and development due to the US Blockade. The Commander, Fidel Castro, had dreamt about it and put into practice due to he knew the human resource was certainly the best value in terms of the social and economic development of a country.

Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

Nevertheless, it was so human his way of thinking that he tried to go beyond the instruction as such, taking into account that human potentiality implies not only related knowledge but also an ethical awareness, solidarity, true human feelings, sacrifice spirit, heroism and the capacity to do a lot with very little.

The arrogant Trump´s government feels annoyed due to the Cuban medicine´s high quality is praised and even the fact that the hospital with Cuban medical staff in Qatar is the reference in the Persian Gulf and the one preferred by the local citizens there do not mind travelling the 80 kilometers separating them from the Doha capital city because they do know that apart from examining them the Cuban doctors watch them into their eyes, talk and find the way to cure them and not taking away their money by making them dependent of medicines.

The current demon of the White House and his Brazilian subject, Bolsonaro, don´t really care the millions of Brazilian people who lost that Cuban doctor who placed a stethoscope on their chests for a first time in those far-off lands of religious people who talk about the Cuban doctors as the best after God.

The US feel worried because the best of Cuba keeps present throughout 67 nations of the world where they are transforming the health parameters with their presence as if a humanism and sensitivity brigade had arrived.

Cuban Health Minister Unable to Attend PAHO in Washington

If the Cuban Health Ministry and this delegation attended to Washington, they would practically disrupted the millionaire campaign used for discrediting the Cuban public health care system because each of the slanders on the international medial cooperation would be drawn by the power of a true that hurts them: Cuba gains the international prestige and admiration for its own efforts and intellectual one and the capacity to diagnose properly with little resources.

As part of the most laudable pages of the international medical cooperation, Cuba magnifies its altruism. It was the Cuban medical staff who cured the Haitians´ wounds after the earthquakes.

In the frozen geography of Pakistan, they carried out their healing work as well as in Guatemala, Chile and Mozambique in its fight against the Ebola disease in Africa in spite of the risk of losing their lives. They got to those lands with their backpacks and campaign hospitals to show that all the world glory fits in a corn grain.

Once again, the United States tries to prevent the participation of Cuba in a scenery where it has the right to be, but there are starts which shine with their own light and there is an island that has resisted 60 years.

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Iran Says Inspections Show It Does Not Seek Nuclear Weapon

Tehran: President Hassan Rouhani said Friday that Iran's abidance by nuclear inspections proves it does not seek to develop atomic weapons despite having scaled back its compliance with a 2015 accord.

"Some were saying this third step, that you want to set up modern centrifuges, means that you are moving towards a nuclear weapon," said Mr Rouhani on state television.

"We explained that someone who wants a nuclear weapon... limits comprehensive inspections. We have not reduced inspections," he said.

Iran fired up advanced centrifuges to boost its enriched uranium stockpiles on September 7 as the latest scaling back of commitments under the crumbling 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers.

The Islamic republic acted on a threat to further abandon its nuclear commitments based on a deadline it set for European powers to act to shield it from US sanctions.

Rouhani, speaking to reporters at Tehran's Mehrabad airport on his return from the UN General Assembly, stressed all Iran's nuclear activities would continue to be monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Tensions have been escalating between Iran and the United States since May last year when President Donald Trump pulled out of the nuclear accord and began reimposing sanctions that have crippled the Iranian economy.

Britain, France and Germany have repeatedly said they are committed to saving the deal that gave Iran relief from sanctions in exchange for curbs on its nuclear programme, but their efforts have so far borne little fruit.

Tehran has already hit back twice with countermeasures in response to the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

On July 1, Iran said it had increased its stockpile of enriched uranium to beyond a 300-kilogramme maximum set by the deal.

A week later, it announced it had exceeded a 3.67-percent cap on the purity of its uranium stocks.

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ALBA members reject unilateral coercive measures

United Nations, September 24 (RHC)-- The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves, rejected on Monday the policies of sanctions and unilateral coercive measures against Cuba and Venezuela, and called for respect for multilateralism.

Speaking at the Political Council of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA-TCP), he reaffirmed that Latin America and the Caribbean is a zone of peace and any situation must be addressed through political channels, in accordance with international norms.

"We must defend respect for that Proclamation, as well as non-interference and intervention in the affairs of States," he said at a meeting held at the headquarters of Cuba's mission to the UN.

Differences must be resolved through dialogue and this is a question of defending multilateralism, he said.

Gonsalves condemned attempts by the Organization of American States (OAS) to implement the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (TIAR) against Venezuela, a mechanism that is illegal and a violation of international law, he said.

For his part, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza demanded respect for the UN Charter in the face of growing attacks against multilateralism.

In that sense, he also rejected the recent measures of the United States against Cuban diplomats.

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Cuba Reiterates Support for Venezuela against US Sanctions

President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Thursday has reiterated Cuba''s support for Venezuela despite newer and hasher sanctions imposed by Washington against the island.

We will continue supporting the Bolivarian Revolution without submitting to the US-applied unilateral measures violating International Law, the president posted on his Twitter account @DiazCanelB.

Diaz-Canel added a link to an article on the issue published on Cubadebate website.

On Wednesday, the US Department of the Treasury placed Cubametales company on its unilateral list of enterprises sanctioned for maintaining economic ties with Venezuela, particularly importing oil.

According to the US government, Cuba continues to support Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Defense, Intelligence and Security Assistance in exchange for that oil. President Donald Trump and his top advisers have called Cuban doctors providing services in Venezuela soldiers.

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EU’s alternative payment channel for Iran is like a beautiful car without gasoline – Iran envoy

The EU’s efforts to facilitate trade with sanctions-hit Iran have not brought any concrete results, the Iranian envoy to the UN said, warning that his country is tired of waiting for Brussels to fulfil its commitments.

“I personally believe that INSTEX [Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges] in its current condition isn’t enough. This mechanism without money is like a beautiful car without fuel,” ambassador Takht Ravanchi told reporters in New York.

Shortly before the diplomat’s statement, the European signatories to the nuclear deal with Iran, Germany, France and the UK, said that the alternative trade mechanism is already operational and the first transactions “are being processed.”

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The payment system was created in January and was meant to bypass US sanctions against Tehran after Washington ditched the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a deal with Iran to curtail its nuclear program. However, no financial transactions have been made using the mechanism so far, according to state news agency IRNA.

Tehran’s envoy to the UN said that mere words of support from the EU are not enough to resolve Iranian problems. In May, the Islamic Republic announced that it will not fully stick to its commitments stipulated by the deal and warned that Europe has 60 days to ease oil and banking restrictions that have hit the Iranian economy. Otherwise, Iran threatened to further reduce its nuclear commitments.

“Since the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, the Europeans haven’t done anything tangible, that is, the JCPOA doesn’t function well. We can’t keep our end of the bargain unilaterally and not benefit from it,” Takht Ravanchi noted. “We can’t wait more.”

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Washington has been piling up sanctions against Tehran since its withdrawal from the nuclear deal. The rest of the signatories criticized the Trump administration for the move and have been trying to keep the pact alive, and INSTEX is part of those efforts.

The alternative channel is set to allow companies doing business with Iran to buy goods directly from local partners, and vice-versa, and the payments between them will not be handled by banks. However, major European companies have pulled out of deals with Iran, fearing secondary sanctions from Washington and being squeezed out of the US market.

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‘Won’t hesitate to pull muscle-flexing trigger’ in defense: North Korea blasts US sanctions policy

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement decrying Washington’s continued sanctions policies against them as “most extreme hostile acts,” arguing the measures threaten diplomacy, and warning they would defend themselves.

The Ministry’s Wednesday statement sharply criticized the White House’s decision last Friday to extend 6 executive orders sanctioning the country over their nuclear and missile programs for another year.

The wild dream of the US to bring us to our knees by means of sanctions and pressure has not changed at all but grows even more undisguised.

The statement also took issue with “reckless remarks” made by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last Sunday regarding the prospects for future nuclear talks. Pompeo was unusually cordial in his comments, reiterating readiness to sit down to talks without preconditions.

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In North Korea’s traditional rhetoric, the statement also warned the country’s enemies in Washington that they would neither “hesitate to pull a muscle-flexing trigger in order to defend [itself]” if its sovereignty is threatened, nor will it be forced into surrendering due to sanctions.

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