Republicans plan response to Obama’s immigration move

Republicans are preparing a response to Barack Obama’s plans to change the immigration system. The aim to block the president’s go-solo actions, which are expected to help up to five million illegal immigrants, but not alienate a public fed up with dysfunctional national politics with too extreme a reaction.

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Migrants Who Die in U.S. Unlikely to Be Repatriated

A vast majority of migrant worker deaths occur at work.

Of the 15,000 migrants who die each year in United States, just one out of every 10 bodies is repatriated to be buried on home soil, experts revealed Sunday.

The statistics were explained during an event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Repatriation Certificate for Mexico and Central America. 

A majority of those deaths happen on the job, particularly in the agricultural and construction sectors said analyst with the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Francisco Gonzalez.

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