Venezuelan Aeropostal Airline Resumes Operations to Cuba

The reactivation of Aeropostal responds to a strategic plan designed by the Bolivarian Government to relaunch the national and international transportation system

Venezuelan Aeropostal airline resumed its commercial operations with the opening flight of the Caracas-Havana route, after one year out of service.

‘Aeropostal crosses the Venezuelan air space and goes much further, we hope that (…) in a strategic development plan we can reach the end of 2018 with a growth that triples the current operational capacity,’ the company’s president Eduardo Legaspi posted on Twitter.

The Ministry of Transportation posted on its Twitter account that the reopening of the airline’s commercial operations from the Simon Bolivar International Airport in Maiquetia to the Cuban capital is part of the strengthening of the sector.

The reactivation of Aeropostal responds to a strategic plan designed by the Bolivarian Government to relaunch the national and international transportation system, Minister Hipolito Abreu said, quoted on the company’s Twitter account.

The company plans to gradually add new resources to the fleet in the following months, and for the time being it will operate three weekly charter flights on the Caracas-Havana route, the website of the Vice Presidency of the Republic posted.

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ICAP Expresses Solidarity with Venezuela and its President

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP expressed on Tuesday in Havana its support to Venezuela and its Chavista leader in a declaration issued in Havana and published by ACN.

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, ICAP strongly condemns the assassination attempt against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro last Saturday during a military parade in Caracas.

At the same time, we express our support to the Bolivarian Revolution, which continues to suffer the aggressions and threats of the imperial enemy in alliance with the traitors and fascist forces and those that give in to the mandate of the superpower.

The Cuban people, attacked, blockaded and victims of terrorist actions understand well the value of solidarity. That is why; we express our full support to the brothers and sisters of the land of Bolivar that stand up with dignity in face of the terrorist act.

The media campaign, economic and coup escalation against Venezuela and the government of Maduro have reached the extreme of this horrendous act, as expressed in the Cuban Revolutionary Government's recent declaration; "constitutes a desperate attempt to obtain, through the means of assassination, what they were not able to get in multiple elections, or through the coup attempt in 2002 against the then President Hugo Chavez, oil coup in 2003 and the non-conventional war deployed through media campaigns, sabotages and violent and cruel acts".

The advances achieved in Our America during the last 18 years, starting from the triumph of Commander Hugo Chavez, the governments of ALBA member nations and progressive countries are seriously threatened today due to the development of regional right wing sectors supported by Washington. This terrorist attack is part of plans to prevent the consolidation of the rebirth of the Bolivarian Republic.

Despite the political and media campaigns against Venezuela; Bolivarian Venezuela is still standing and fighting to maintain its achievements.

Before the recent and embarrassing campaigns and imperialist threats that attempt to destroy the Bolivarian Revolution, we ratify the words of the President of the Council of State and Ministers Comrade Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez before the Constituent National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela during his official visit to the South American nation:

"Our solidarity with Venezuela, with the Bolivarian and Chavista Revolution, with the civic-military union of its people and its President Nicolas Maduro is invariable.

The Bolivarian and Chavista Revolution, the courageous people of Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro has supported many nations of our region. We have a debt of gratitude with this country since its independence.

Venezuela now needs our solidarity; they need the support of the peoples of Our America in its resistance against the criminal political, diplomatic, economic and financial war against them".

We urge all the progressive and democratic forces of the world to lift a wall of solidarity that stops the imperialist aggression and allow a peaceful and creative development of the Venezuelan people in the construction of a future of peace and prosperity for its people.

Long Live Libertador Simon Bolivar!
Long Live the Eternal President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias!
Long Live President Nicolas Maduro!
Long Live the Courageous Venezuelan People!
Long Live the Bolivarian Revolution!
Long Live the Great Homeland of Latin America and the Caribbean!
Onward to Victory!

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Venezuela: Opposition Legislator Linked to Drone Attack Detained

Opposition legislator Juan Requesens was detained after being linked to the assassination attempt by retired military man Juan Carlos Monasterios.

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Service for National Intelligence (Sebin) detained legislator Juan Requesens Tuesday, after evidence was found linking him to the failed assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro last week.

He was linked to the failed attempt by retired military officer Juan Carlos Monasterios, alias Bons, who was also involved in the plot that flew explosive drones over Avenida Bolivar in Caracas.

Monasterios revealed that Requesens was in charge of establishing the contacts in Colombia to host and train a group of young Venezuelans who are members of the Venezuelan opposition.

Monasterios also participated in the attack on the Frente Paramacay on August 6, 2017, and trained a group of Venezuelans in Colombia that same year.

Requesens is a member of the opposition party Primero Justicia or First Justice. Diosdado Cabello, president of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly, announced they would start proceeding to revoke parliamentary immunity for those legislators involved in the assassination attempt; the first step to begin a trial.

In a public statement, Tuesday president Maduro announced he would use the country’s international accords to request the extradition of at least five people, including a former colonel, who has been implicated in the “terror attack” and is currently living in the United States or Colombia.

Maduro also alleged the former president of Venezuela’s National Assembly Julio Borges was involved in the attack. “All the statements (of the six people detained) point to Julio Borges, who lives in a mansion in Bogota protected by the outgoing government of Colombia,” Maduro said.

A former police chief, Salvatore Lucchese, who is also in Bogota, also claimed to have played a role in the attack and warned of others in a televised interview. “We had an objective, and at the moment we were not able to materialize it 100 percent… The armed struggle will continue,” he said.

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Venezuela Blames Colombia for any new Aggression

Venezuela made the Colombian government responsible for any new aggression or attempt to bring about provocations from its territory, following the August 4 assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro.

A statement issued by the Foreign Ministry questioned the Colombian position on the Venezuelan president's express denunciation of the involvement of the Bogota authorities, especially the head of state, Juan Manuel Santos, in the terrorist act last Saturday in Caracas.

'It is revealing that the Government of Colombia describes as 'alleged' an event that, besides being very serious, was public and notorious, and leaving very clear its intention to question the assassination attempt against President Maduro,' the Foreign Affairs Ministry underlines.

It also criticizes that the first official reaction coming from the neighboring country was not to condemn the assassination attempt, nor to express concern for the life and security of the Venezuelan President.

Likewise, it considers suspicious the position of defense at all costs to get President Santos rid of any responsibility, 'when permanent aggressions and provocations against the Venezuelan people and government can not be concealed.'

In contrast, the Colombian Communist Party condemned today the assassination attempt against the president of Venezuela and called on all democratic forces to show solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

Venezuela notes that in Colombia the installation in public offices of fugitives from the Venezuelan justice system was permitted with expressed purpose of attempting against the rule of law in Venezuela.

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Venezuela's Armed Forces Voice Unwavering Support to President,Gov't

Caracas, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela's Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino condemned the failed assassination attempt against Nicolas Maduro and voiced the Armed Forces' unwavering support to the President and the Government.

Addressing the nation on national television from Tiuna Fortress, Padrino said the attack on Saturday evening 'reached a very dangerous extreme'.

The attempt was concocted to destroy, behead a whole State. Leading public figures, the military high command, representatives of the people were at the event, said the General in Chief.

Maduro was delivering the closing speech on the 81st Anniversary of the National Guard on Saturday early evening when two drones loaded with explosives blew up close to the platform from where he was speaking. Seven guards got wounded and are being treated in hospital.

After conveying sympathy for those wounded, the Miniter they are being taken care of and are recovering well.

Several hours after the failed attack, Maduro denounced on national television it was a plot of the Venezuelan-Colombian-Miami ultra right wing, and particularly mentioned Colombia's outgoing president Juan Manuel Santos of being behind the assassination attempt.

'We have been 20 years resisting perversity, moral degration of sectors of the Venezuelan ultra right wing that keep resorting to violence to

dismember a democratic state,' stressed General Padrino who assured the Armed Forces will defend and protect sovereignty, peace and order.

Six of the perpetrators were captured right after the assassination attempt, several vehicles were seized and raids have been carried out in hotels of Caracas where criminal and video evidences of alleged collaborators were taken by police investigators, said Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace Nestor Reverol.

Speaking on national television on Sunday Reverol added two of the arrested were involved in previous violent actions like the assault on Paramacay Fort, in Carabobo, in August 2017, and the other was apprehended in 2014 for taking part in the violence unleashed by the right wing. He was granted pardon.

The Minister said the two drones used were model DJIM600, designed for industry use to lift and carry weight. They were carrying roughly a kilogram of C4 explosive each. The explosive charge was capable of doing effective damage in a radio of approximately of 50 meters, the official said.

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza summoned on Sunday diplomats accredited in Venezuela to explained the event and provide details of the attack.

Arreaza called on the diplomats to convey the truth to their governments and reject attacks from the national and international right wing against the Bolivarian nation.

Those who doubted about conspiracy, here there's another prove,' said the Foreign Minister, adding 'what happened on Saturday set the alerts off and shows we have been suffering attacks at several levels.'

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Venezuelan People March on Monday to Support President Maduro

Caracas, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelans are marching on Monday to express support and sympathy for President Nicolas Maduro who was on Saturday the target of a failed assassination attack with drones loaded with C4 explosive.

The people have been called to gather at Morelos Square at 10:00 local time and from there they will start the march along Mexico Avenue towards the Miraflores Palace in downtown. The Head of State was delivering the closing speech in early evening for the 81st anniversary of the National Guard following a parade on Bolivar Avenue, the most important in Caracas, when one of two drones blew up close to the platform from where Maduro was speaking.

The military high command and other top leaders of the nation were with the President. It would have been a massive assassination. The attack was aborted by the special forces in charge of protecting the Head of State who blew the aircraft as it was approaching in.

Six of the perpetrators were immediately capture, vehicles were seized, as well as material and video evidence from hotels in the capital as part of the investigation still underway.

Since the news got out on Saturday night, messages of support have flowing in from leaders, organizations, social and political movements from around the world condemning the attempted murder.

On Sunday, the National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela strongly condemned the assassination attempt. Plotters and perpetrators want to impose fascist violence in the country, the legislative body denounced through its Tweeter account.

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Cuba Expresses Full Solidarity and Unrestricted Support for President Maduro

The Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba energetically condemns the attack made against the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro Moros on Saturday, 4 August, during a military parade in Caracas on the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the founding of the Bolivarian National Guard.

This act of terrorism which aspires to ignore the will of the Venezuelan people constitutes a new desperate attempt to attain, by the route of assassination, what they have been unable to attain in numerous elections or via the 2002 coup d’état against then President Hugo Chávez, the oil coup of 2003 and the unconventional warfare waged by media campaigns, sabotage and by violent and cruel acts.

The Revolutionary Government denounces, yet again, the operation underway against the legitimate government of Venezuela as part of the policy of the imperialist harassment aiming to overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution, including the arbitrary and aggressive Executive Order issued by the United States describing Venezuela as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy” of the super-power, the unilateral economic sanctions in violation of international law, the declaration of the Secretary of State of the United States of America about the full validity of the Monroe Doctrine, its so-called military coup against the constitutional Government of Venezuela and the warning made by the US President to use “a possible military option” against it.

On July 14 of 2017 General of the Army Raúl Castro Ruz warned:

“The aggression and violence of coups against Venezuela hurt all of “Our America” and they only benefit the interests of those who persist in dividing us so that they may exercise their domination over our peoples, without a thought about generating conflicts having incalculable consequences in this region, such as those we are seeing in different parts of the world.

“Today we alert that those who would like to overthrow the Bolivarian and Chavist Revolution by unconstitutional and violent means and by coups shall assume a serious responsibility in the eyes of history”.

The Revolutionary Government expresses its full and unshakeable solidarity with Venezuela and its unrestricted support of President Nicolás Maduro Moros and the civilian-military union of the Bolivarian and Chavist people.

As the President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez declared last July 17th within the framework of the Twenty-Fourth Sao Paulo Forum, we must: “Strengthen the conviction that fighting for Venezuela is fighting for the integration of the region, for the respect and sovereignty and independence of Our America”.

Havana, 4 August 2018

Latin American Leaders Condemned Assassation Attempt on Venezuela's President

Havana, Ago 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban top leaders, Bolivia's President Evo Morales, the Nicaraguan Government, lawmakers, political figures and organizations from Latin America have condemned the failed assassination attempt against Venezuela's Head of State Nicolas Maduro on Saturday late afternoon.

First Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party Raul Castro and the island's President Miguel Diaz-Canel tweeted a message strongly condemning the drone attack on Maduro and conveying solidarity and unwavering support the Venezuelan President and his Governent.

Maduro was delivering the closing speech on the 81st Anniversary of the National Guard when several drones loaded with explosives blew up close to the platform from where he was speaking at 17:41 local time. Seven guards got wounded and are being treated in hospital.

Hours later addressing the nation from the Miraflores Palace (seat of Government) the President said some of the perpetrators had been capture and an investigation was in full swing to bring all those responsible to justice. He blamed the Venezuelan and Colombian oligarchy for the attack, particularly mentioning outgoing president Juan Manuel Santos of being involved the plot.

Bolivia's President Evo Morales strongly condemned the 'new and coward attack with drones' against his Venezuelan peer.

'This assassination attempt is a crime against humanity; it shows the desperation of an empire (the US) defeate by a brave nation,' Morales wrote in Tweeter.

The Farabundo Marti Liberation Front led the Salvadorean left in denouncing the failed attack and reiterated its support to the revolutionary process Maduro is heading in Venezuela.

Political and friendship organizations from other Latin American countries also condemned assassination attempt.

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