China Denounces Human Rights Violations in US

China on Thursday denounced the constant violations and lack of protection of human rights in the United States in 2018, in response to a document published by Washington that criticizes Beijing for alleged abuses in that matter. The document, published by the Information Office of the Council of State (Cabinet), mentioned the threats against women in terms of sexual harassment and assault, as well as the lack of personal security.

It referred to the increase in women's discontent about their positions in society, labor discrimination and the wide wage gap regarding men, because they earn only 80.5 percent of what their male colleagues make.

On the other hand, the so-called 'Human Rights Record of the US in 2018' said that the country has the highest rate of income inequality in the West and nearly half of the households are affected by financial difficulties.

It added that the low-income population lacks medical insurance and there is a high number of homeless people, deaths due to drug overdose and suicides. The report made emphasis on the uncontrolled use of weapons, the situation of abuse of power by public officials and the frequent cases of criminal violence, which rose to 1.24 million with a high number of deaths.

Regarding the freedom of the press, the document noted that it was dealt an unprecedented blow, and the reporters' legitimate rights to interview were violated.

'According to a report from the non-lucrative international organization Article 19, published on May 2, 2018, the atmosphere for the press in the United States has further deteriorated and journalists were victims of attacks, search, arrests, interceptions on the border and restrictions to publish public information,' the Chinese government said in its report.

The 'Human Rights Record of the US in 2018' also referred to an increase in intolerable opinions on religion and that online surveillance by the US government violated individual privacy.

Among other matters, it pointed out that unjust judicial sentences resulted in erroneous convictions and public officials used violence abusively.

China responded in those terms to a report published by the United States a few hours ago, and criticized Washington's double standard, because as it self-proclaims a human rights champion, it has a domestic record of deficiencies and violations in that matter.

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Syria Denounces Violation of its Border by the Turkish Army

The Syrian Foreign Ministry today condemned the entry of Turkish troops on the northern border of the province of Aleppo and the city of Jarablos, backed by the International Coalition led by the United States.

According to informations, tanks and armored vehicles supported by the aviation attacked positions of the Islamic State (Daesh, in Arabic) near this town, which they occupy since 2013.

In the statement by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is stressed that any action against terrorists must be coordinated between all parties and it was asked to the United Nations to fulfill the resolutions on the matter and stop the violation of its territory.

'What is happening in Jarablos now is not a fight against terrorism as claimed by Turkey; it is rather replacing one kind of terrorism with another', the communication declared.

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U.S.-Universities: Horrified Girls

The constant violations suffered in universities raise unsettlement across the country.  

As a good example, the correspondent for the British news agency Reuters in Washington, Earnie Grafton, mentioned last Sunday the case of a campus in New York.

One out of six girl students was violated or victim of suffering violation on the freshmen year of their studies.

According to Grafton, it proves they are real - and not made up - the versions on the issue in the campus of those North American universities.

An official from the Public Health Faculty at Brown University, in Rhode Island State, Kate Tortoiseshell, declared:

"Those data begin to gather to support the widespread idea that one out of five university girl students will suffer a sexual attack".

The Journal of Adolescent Health informed that, before entering those high studies centers, 18% had been violated after consuming alcohol or drugs and 15% by force.

On the freshmen year they were the 15% and 9% respectively, in the sophomore year 26% after consuming alcohol or drugs and 22% were forced.

According to Grafton, at the beginning of their sophomore year, 37% of girls had been victim of a sexual attack.

Kate Carey denounced that in general the figures disclosed about it are below the reality.

But this is not the first time, and at least specialists know this goes back for a few years.

The blog of Boris Leonardo Caro posted on August 8, 2013 that sexual abuse "eat away universities of the United States."

It added that growing accusations in this regard threatened to stain the prestige of that type of educational centers.

He named the case of Yale University, riddled for harsh critics due to their bad treatment to that drama.

Besides he also revealed that victims of violations “have began to get organized to break the silence” on the topic and demand a more energetic response against perpetrators.

He remembered that a month earlier, in August 2013, almost 170 000 students of both sexes demanded in writing to guarantee their safety in colleges and universities.

The request included a letter to the secretary of Education; Arne Duncan that describes the tortures lived by students.

“We have withstood the violation, stalking, abuse, harassment of colleagues, and professors", reads the text.

"When we have reported the violence to campus officials, they have embarrassed, silenced, and ignored us", it adds.

It also reads: “We have been forced to abandon classes, clubs, sport teams, and jobs in the university."

And they close with a dramatic note: “We have hidden in our bedrooms out of fear."

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