Trump-McCain: Quarrel among Wolves

The death of John McCain shows, among other things, the existent contradictions in the core of the extreme right sector of United States.

The Washington Post revealed, last Monday that Donald Trump refuted praises aimed at the republican senator John McCain, recently deceased.

Regarding the delicate condition of the senator, the spokesman of the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders; the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, and others agreed to draft an official statement after he passed away praising his service as “hero” during the invasion to Vietnam in the 60’s of the last century.

The Post added that “they both kept a tense relationship”, Trump discarded the official note and he rather posted in Twitter: “my deepest condolences and respect for the family.”

The above-mentioned breaks the customary protocol of the Presidents of the United States, who elaborate documents where they highlight supposed achievements and prowesses of outstanding personalities after their death.

The newspaper, reflected that Trump’s attitude shows his level of hostility towards McCain.

The differences between them were evident since Trump’s electoral campaign in 2015, when he minimized that John McCain was war prisoner for five years in Vietnam, when saying “I prefer people who have not been captured."

Since the president took office, McCain criticized his foreign policy, he voted against eliminating the Obama Care and alerted of its "egotism" and "sympathy for autocrats."

According to the North American press, collaborators and other close to McCain informed the White House that the senator didn't want Donald Trump's presence at his funeral.

The ceremony is scheduled for next Saturday at the National Cathedral of Washington, VP Mike Pence has been invited to the ceremony.

They also invited to mass the former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

The burial ceremony will take place on Sunday September 2nd at Annapolis Naval Academy.

The funeral services of the veteran legislator will be divided among the North American capital, where he made a career as a politician for more than three decades, and the state he represented in the Senate, Arizona where he died.

John McCain, died at 81 due to an aggressive brain cancer.

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

Is Trump’s Situation Worsening?

After a long list of setbacks and scandals in the core of the United States government, now looms a situation particularly delicate for Donald Trump.

On Wednesday a journalist from the Associated Press, AP, Laurie Kellman wrote in Washington, that the current president "faces real political threats".

His former lawyer Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, former head of his electoral campaign, made very compromising statements for the head of the White House.

Almost all conflicts derive from the investigations carried out by district attorney Robert Mueller, the New York prosecuting office and lawyers of women who suit him.

Other intimidations have to do with Michael Cohen involving the leader in financing crimes during his 2016 campaign.

Cohen also declared that he is willing to grow deeper in his accusations.

As part of his defense, Trump has said that the above-mentioned is "a witch hunt" and "fake news".

Journalist Kellman affirmed that next to what was published soon will take place the parliamentary elections in November, where North Americans will judge the work done by republicans in the presidency and the Congress.

The Associated Press writes:

What is known: The president that demands loyalty to his allies cannot assure they will give it back to him.

What is unknown: From whom, and at which point in Trump’s landscape, a new blow could come.

Among the threats against the president, his family and republicans who defend their majority in the Congress are, among others:

Cohen said that he and Trump agreed on the payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels and to the former Playboy model Karen Mc Dougal to keep them quiet on their "affairs" with the president.

Manafort was found guilty by a jury for eight charges of bank and fiscal fraud.

Mueller’s final report could go up to the Congress, which would be even more significant if democrats seize control of it in this year elections.

The first two republican legislators who supported Trump during 2016 primary elections, Duncan Hunter and Chris Colllins were accused of corruption.

The journalist Laurie Kellman points out that what was said unleashed a wave of uncertainty for the allies of President Donald Trump.

Under the current circumstances comes to mind the very same question: Will the president finish his current term in office?

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Cuban President Recognizes Art as a Means to Forge Respect

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel highlighted the power of art and culture to forge relationships of respect when exchanging with artists who participated in recent events in Peru and the United States.

According to the president, during the People's Summit held last April in Peru it was demonstrated that there is a force capable of uniting Cubans: the identity; and it is time to defend it because in the world some try to fracture it in order to manipulate the history.

Artistic directors such as Elito Revé and Pepe Ordaz told how they performed in Lima, in the context of the celebration of the Summit, to defend their people there through music.

The Cuban president said that the presentations in Peru and the Festival Artes de Cuba that takes place since May 8 at the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, prove that art is an irreplaceable space for communication between peoples. In the meeting with artists, held on Wednesday at the cultural center La Plaza, Diaz-Canel considered that the events put to the test the effectiveness of the Cuban system of artistic education and valued the role of art as a bridge builder, his contribution to mutual respect and peace, despite the differences.

The dancer, director, and choreographer Irene Rodríguez celebrated the excellent reception of the American public that awarded the artists with extensive standing ovations, while the singer and composer Zule Guerra highlighted the shared spirituality, good energy and great joy around the festival.

To her surprise, many people sang with them Feeling themes and Latin American Boleros.

The best way for the American people to know who Cubans are is to enjoy our art, said Lele Rosales, singer of the iconic orchestra Los Van Van.

The prejudices fell to the floor, the musicians believed that they were going to play in a very serious event, and when they saw people standing ready to move to the beat of the rhythm, the show overflowed with joy, because Cubans are like that, the artist said.

The members of the Miguel Faílde Orchestra assured that at the Kennedy Center Danzón was danced and they praised a group of casineros (dancers of the casino-style) existing in Washington and composed of people from different countries.

The event combines the different arts and visual arts was represented by works of Roberto Diago, Manuel Mendive, and Roberto Fabelo, contemporary dance by the company Malpaso, the theater by plays directed by Carlos Díaz and Carlos Celdrán, among other artists and events.

Artes of Cuba festival in the US capital will conclude on June 3 with presentations from the National Ballet of the Caribbean country, led by the legendary Alicia Alonso.

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Heading for the Kennedy Center: Reyna and Real, Cuban Hip-Hop

Followers come in waves: Reyna Hernández Sandoval and Yadira Pintado Lazcano, artistically known as La Reyna and La Real, integrate the Cuban delegation to participate in the festival Arts of Cuba.

It’s not actually easy for a woman to make her way in the world of hip-hop. But Reyna Hernández Sandoval and Yadira Pintado Lazcano, La Reyna and La Real are doing it with sheer talent.

The group is officially born in year 2013. Ever since has been winning popularity for their lyrics (of strong social content, stories on the life of many women), and for the singularity of their musical and scenic display.

In an environment where men usually prevail, La Reyna and La Real have made their mark, they are respected and admired... and their music has gone beyond the supposed "nests" of rap.

The most recent sample is their inclusion in the Cuban delegation to participate in the great season Arts of Cuba: from the island to the world which in May will have the famous John F. Kennedy Center for the Scenic Arts, in Washington, United States.

"This is so far the highest point in our career – assures La Reyna – the fact that they thought of us fills us with pride, because that means we are doing things right."

La Real agrees: "Imagine, to sing the United States the place where rap was born. That is like selling ice to an Eskimo. But we will perform a well-identified Cuban hip-hop, with all the grace of Cuban women."

On May 17th, in two shows (7:00 and 9:00 p.m.), the two singers will rap at the Cuban Club, in the gallery of Terrace Theater of the Kennedy Center.

“We will see what we do there – says Reyna -, what I can guarantee is that we are really willing to go and show what we women can do in rap."

La Real affirms that they will do their best: "Nobody doubts it: we are going strong!

Cubasi Translation Staff / Amilkal Labañino Valdés

Internet: Who Benefits from the U.S. Plans for Cuba?

A "task force" is a U.S. military term and defines a temporary unit settled to work in an operation or specific mission.

Following the guidelines outlined by president Donald Trump in his Presidential Memo of last June 16th, the U.S. government announced in late January the creation of a new Internet Task Force dedicated to subvert the internal order in Cuba.

According to the official statement issued by the Department of State, that Operative Group is made of government and non-government officials, with the objective of "promoting the free flow of information" in the neighboring Island.

Why aren’t we surprised? It’s because we Cubans will never forget our history. How to do so before machinery designed to manufacture subversive projects aimed at a “change of régime” and the permanent destruction of the Cuban Revolution?

For decades, along the United States –Cuba feud, sentences like to "work for the freedom of speech" and "expand the access to Internet in Cuba" has been used by Washington to mask destabilizing plans with the use of new technologies.


Certainly, these subversive plans are not new; they are from many years ago. Apparently, they present projects that might seem attractive, but in their core there is a meddling character, a cheating and subtle attempt of breaking the political system established in Cuba for more than half a century.

We Cubans know well that several North American agencies use the social networks as facades for the propaganda, the deceit, the massive messaging and the construction of fake stories. We already saw it in other countries of the world: in the first stage supposedly "regular" messages are sent like sport news, music and culture; and later they begin to introduce others with marked political content that encourage civil turmoil.

As for the files on the entities in charge of promoting the Internet Task Force against Cuba are scandalously shameful.

Internet: Who benefits from the U.S. plans for Cuba?

Certainly, it’s revolting that according to the official presentation, this group created by Washington has the task of analyzing "the technological challenges and the opportunities of widening Internet access in Cuba to help the Cuban people to enjoy a free and not regulated flow of information".

If the concern were true huge, why don't they explain that while a brutal and permanent media campaign tries to accuse the Cuban State of not increasing Internet service and other communication services; the United States blockade against Cuba prevents a greater and better access to Internet?

With many technological limitations, there’s a sovereign policy passed by the Cuban government that establishes the increasing computerization of society. There is still a long road ahead in the use of new technologies; but let nobody in Washington think that Cubans are a naïve people.

Internet: Who benefits from the U.S. plans for Cuba?

Cuba has repeatedly denounce that aggressions like these and other ways of unconventional war will never be able to stop the Cuban government's efforts to use new technologies seeking the common well-being, the economic, cultural and social development of its nation.

The new Internet Task Force dedicated to subvert Cuba’s domestic order is nothing but another chapter in the violent and shameful politics of the United States against the Cuban nation.

Washington put together this task force in a moment that firm steps are taken toward the computerization of society, with a vision that gives priority to the social access and protects Cuba’s sovereignty, despite the economic limitations.

As a sovereign decision, without conditions, or impositions, the Cuban government has reiterated that it will continue moving forward its strategy of computerization of society and the gradual increase of Internet access for the citizens.

Shots fired, driver arrested in incident at US Capitol

US Capitol Police have arrested a female motorist who hit a police cruiser and tried to run over several officers at a checkpoint on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, local media reported. Several shots were fired but no one was injured.

Multiple police cars have been spotted outside the US Botanic Garden, on the south side of the Capitol reflecting pool.

@scottwongDC Situation appears to be contained:

@scottwongDC Same notice sent to all Capitol Hill offices, but police haven't locked down Capitol complex

@scottferson Sounded like 2 quick shots, pause, one more. Dozen cap police cars raced down Independence 

@BruceLeshan #BREAKING Officer involved shooting near US Capitol and Botanic Gardens. @wusa9

A notice sent to area offices tells of unspecified Capitol Police activity at the intersection of Washington and Independence avenues, but the Capitol complex itself has not been locked down, according to one reporter from The Hill.

Police have reportedly cleared civilians from the streets, and lawmakers have been told not to go outside.

According to a reporter with WUSA-TV, the incident was an "officer-involved shooting" near the Botanic Garden.

Metropolitan DC police told WTVD that a motorist had struck a Capitol Police cruiser and tried to run over several other officers, who were on foot. There were no injuries from gunfire, and the suspect has been taken into custody.

A female driver was stopped by Capitol Police at a security checkpoint, but refused to follow instructions and rammed a cruiser, police said.

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Preparations for the Visit of Pope Francis to the US Finalize

US authorities finalize today preparations for the arrival on Tuesday of Pope Francisco, who will carry out an intense working agenda until September 27th, including a speech to a joint session of Congress.

Thousands of visitors will be in the capital during the Pope's visit, therefore the police announced a tight security, while the federal government asked its non-essential employees to stay home to avoid further complications in traffic.

The Supreme Pontiff will arrive on Tuesday morning at the Andrews military base, in the state of Maryland, outside of Washington DC, where he will be received by President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, a gesture that the president reserves for few visitors.

The official welcoming ceremony will take place next morning at the White House, and the Bishop of Rome will hold a meeting with Obama in the Oval Office, while he will in the afternoon visits the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.

The address to the members of the Capitol will take place at 10:00 in the morning (local time) on Thursday, but before his speech, which will be the first by a Bishop of Rome in this legislative body, will meet privately with Republican Senator John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, who is Catholic.

US digital media are speculating on Monday that the Pope might address a wide range of topics, such as the resumption of ties between the US and Cuba, climate change, the agreement with Iran on its nuclear program, and abortion.

Some lawmakers interviewed by the diary The Hill assured that no unpleasant incidents will occur; neither will lawmakers attempt to politicize the event, as has happened on other occasions with international figures who visited the Capitol.

As part of the preparations, the State Department recommended that parliamentarians that during the meeting with His Holiness they dress conservatively, wearing dark clothes, with the women covering their shoulders, while dresses must be below knees.

On the morning of the 25th the Pope will travel to the headquarters of the United Nations, where he will be received by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, and deliver a speech to the General Assembly, on 26th he will officiate a mass in Philadelphia, where he will speak on 27th at the World Meeting of Families, before returning to Rome.

According to an article published today by the Washington Post, Obama might not have a more powerful ally that the Pope Francisco, who has similar positions to that of the head of the White House regarding economic inequality, immigration, climate change and reforms to the judicial system, among others.

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