Problems to Cover Credit Increase Stress Among US Citizens

U.S. citizens have higher levels of stress today than they did 10 years ago, and most of them point to problems to cover their credits as responsible for that situation.

According to a study by, a site dedicated to providing services and information on the use of credit cards, 65 percent of U.S. citizens lose sleep over monetary issues.

A decade ago, according to the study quoted by the press, that problem was nine percent less than the current record of affected.

The most common stressing factors are health care and payment of bills related to that topic, followed by retirement savings.

For a long time medical care has been a hot topic, and whether it is around the choice or simply the cost of maintaining your own care, we have seen a big leap in that area, said analyst Matt Schulz.

In addition to the above issues, U.S. citizens are very concerned about education expenses, mortgage bills and credit card debt.

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Ukraine Readies Sanctions on Russian Citizens, Companies

Kiev:  Ukraine, hitting back at Russia which it accuses of supporting separatist rebels, proposed sanctions on Friday against 172 citizens from Russia and other countries as well as 65 Russian companies "for financing terrorism".

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US to reveal legal logic for drone-killing of Americans

The US is to disclose its legal basis for drone-targeting Americans suspected of terrorism. The government will not appeal an earlier court decision. Judges decided in April that national security was no longer a fit excuse for non-disclosure.

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