Playa Giron 2016 tournament: First steps to Tokyo 2020

  • Written by Lemay Padron Oliveros
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Featured Playa Giron 2016 tournament: First steps to Tokyo 2020

The closing of the 55th National Tournament Playa Giron resulted in the first step taken towards Tokyo 2020 for the Cuban boxing. Most of boxers fighting for medals in less than four years will come out of here.

Let´s recognize first veterans like Roniel Iglesias (69kg) and Julio Cesar La Cruz (81kg) who won their ninth and eight titles, respectively. Barring any unforeseen event, they should be part of the year this four-year period.

On the contrary, Johanys Argilagos (49, first time champion in this division) and Osvary Morell (81, current Junior World Champion who fought hard against La Cruz) get a bright future ahead of them.

Yosbany Veitia (52kg) showed he is the man in his division. The same occur to Arlen Lopez (75kg) and Erislandi Savon (91kg). These three divisions should not suffer major changes in the near future.

Meanwhile Javier Ibanez (56kg) sent a message to Olympic gold medalist Robeysi Ramirez, who needs to train hard to fight for a third consecutive gold medal.

Another rookie, Armando Martinez (60kg) is also trying to become a nightmare for star Lazaro Alvarez, penalized so he did not participate in the tournament. In 64kg, there is an awesome rivalry between Andy Cruz and Kevin Brown.

Camaguey won the tournament held in Santiago de Cuba, led by the best boxer of the event, Julio Cesar La Cruz. Matanzas was the surprise by ending runner-up.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / Cubasi Translation Staff

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